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5 Simple Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners

For small business owners running their business on a limited budget, it isn’t easy to stay within your means while expanding your market. The good news is that by increasing your company’s overall productivity, you can quickly grow your operations and your reputation.

This week, we have some advice on how to make these goals attainable. Here are five productivity tips for small business owners to help you grow your business.

1. Maximize Your Time Management Skills

If you feel like you never have enough time to complete your desired tasks and goals, try organizing your time a little more efficiently. Begin with honest introspection and a detailed look at how everyone within your company spends their current amount of allotted time.

Then track and benchmark your progress and goals. Shared, online calendars, itineraries, and other assorted software can help to ensure that everyone is on target with upcoming projects. The best way to beat the feeling that there’s never enough time is to meticulously organize your time in manageable chunks. Then, you will feel as if you have more time and that you’re not taking on more than you or your team can handle.

2. Nurture Your Customer Relationships

This tip works for brick-and-morter businesses, as well as online companies. In either scenario, you can find ways to focus on forging personal connections with customers who regularly visit your store, or with customers who receive a service from you. Anything you can do to help your customers feel valued and comfortable can make all the difference. Customer loyalty is a small businesses greatest asset.

3. Treat Your Employees With Respect

While this may seem obvious, many businesses fail to see the value in showing their employees appreciation and respect. One way to do this is to listen to their input, honor their suggestions, and provide thoughtful feedback. Create a welcoming work space that helps employees feel comfortable, and, most importantly, valued.

4. Give Employees the Resources They Need to Succeed

Not only should your employees feel respected and valued, but they should also have the resources they need to do their jobs well. By setting them up with tools to help them succeed, then your business will be more successful. Simple, but true.

Common tools that contribute to productivity and efficient workflow include:

  • Agile project management applications, such as Jira
  • Customer experience and support applications, such as CallFinder
  • Group communication and planning software, such as Asana
  • Access to CRM tools and ample training on these programs

These are just some of the tools you can provide your employees with to ensure that they will always feel supported.

5. Optimize Your Advertising Efforts

Word of mouth and social media promotions are reliable tools for local businesses to integrate into their marketing strategies, but it shouldn’t end there.

By partnering with a company that focuses on lead generation and lead management for their clients, you can increase your company’s visibility in a strategic way. At 800response, we can certainly help you get higher quality leads and track those leads to improve your marketing and advertising efforts. Contact us any time to learn more.

Overall, just keep in mind that when you put a higher emphasis on marketing, you’re creating more opportunities to increase your overall productivity.

We hope these tips have helped all of you small business owners out there! Please share on social media if you think these would be useful to your followers as well.

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