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Auto Dealer Uses Vanity Numbers, Call Analytics to Gain Customer Data

This is an interesting use-case of an automotive dealer who is successful at using a vanity number to bring in more calls from his TV ad campaigns, and then reviews the recorded calls using speech analytics technology to identify areas where they need improvement; what are callers looking for, how many calls do they get related to financing, what percent of their inbound calls are due to customer complaints, and what pricing strategies are their competitors using to lure customers.

Here is a quick summary of the success:

The dealership has been successful using the vanity number to increase the number of inbound phone leads.
– Receives over 80 incoming calls to 1-800-SHOP-NISSAN each month.
– Uses call tracking reports to closely track response rates based on inbound phone calls.
– Can use tracking data to test and measure different calls-to-action and hooks in the ad creative.

“Once we narrow in on the ads and elements that produce the most calls, we have the data to prove which messages are most effective at generating more calls and a better advertising ROI,” says the dealership owner.

The dealership is also extracting customer and business intelligence using the audio mining technology from CallFinder’s speech analytics solution.

“With CallFinder speech analytics set up to automatically scan and categorize our incoming calls, we are able to monitor trends in the market that are driving people to call our store, we can monitor for mentions of our competitors and pricing differences, and we have a good indication of the percentage of calls that are driven by our advertising investments,” the owner of the dealership explains.

Read this full case study to get the complete picture of how vanity numbers, call tracking, recording, and speech analytics technologies all work together seamlessly to deliver critical business knowledge that shapes future strategies and campaigns for this dealer.

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