Value of Call Recording & Speech Analytics| 800 Response

Business Value of Call Recording on a Vanity Number & Speech Analytics

Implementing call recording that is enabled with speech analytics technology into daily operations provides enormous value to the business overall, as well as to the many departments within a company that field incoming calls, which hold a wealth of valuable business information.  With a vanity number, your business will get more incoming calls.  Then, call recording and speech analytics technology will allow you to search and analyze calls for key content that will deliver additional business intelligence and close knowledge gaps, all while making your business more successful and profitable.

When a business adopts a speech analytics solution, they have access to:

  • Call recordings of every conversation in real time.
  • Call categorization in real time, based on search definitions.
  • Top-line search statistics such as number of calls found, and number of calls that contain a specific search phrase.
  • The ability to schedule and share daily delivered reports of search results in order to closely track trends.

Companies and contact centers use speech analytics to react to business trends. With real-time speech analytics, organizations assess business trends and address customer needs immediately, and no longer have to wait several days to process and analyze the conversations.

This capability provides a healthier, more successful business environment – one that focuses even more strongly on the customers’ needs, which is important in today’s openly social and collaborative business environment.

Customer service and experience trends in 2013 will continue to focus on new ways to improve the efficiency of employees and increase the reach of customer service. For more information on advertising with a vanity number, and call recording and speech analytics, contact us.