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Places of Display for a Vanity Number (Besides Advertising)

So your company has a vanity phone number. Congratulations! You’ve got a powerful marketing and lead generation tool in addition to branded contact information. So far, the vanity number is displayed prominently in business signage, printed flyers, broadcast and print advertisements, and even on your local paid search campaign ads.

Thinking just a little bit outside of the box, there are other areas you can prominently display your vanity telephone numbers.

Here are 4 places you may not have thought of to display your vanity number (that aren’t directly related to advertising):

Branded Promotional Products

Branded promotional products or company swag (or whatever you call it) are prime real estate for displaying your vanity phone number. In addition to including your brand’s logo and possibly the URL to the company website, you can include the vanity phone number. Items like flash drives, coffee mugs, branded apparel, or something as simple as branded pens all present a blank canvas to display your vanity number.

Email Signature

A standard email signature will usually look something like this:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • URL

As the signature is basically a plethora of contact information, why not turn it into a branding opportunity with your vanity phone number? Of course you’ll want to include your direct dial or cell number so those you are in contact with can have a direct line to you. By including the vanity phone number, you are creating more brand awareness as those you are in contact with will most likely remember the vanity number over your direct dial number. Should they recommend your company to a friend or colleague, they could easily give the vanity number (as an initial point of contact) to the company and then follow that up by forwarding your direct line information by email.

Business Cards

Your business cards are basically the physical version of your email signature. Many people and companies still use business cards to hand out to new business connections as well as potential and new customers. Showcasing your brand’s vanity number on the business card is just another branding opportunity for your business, and serves as a tactile calling card, and a lead generation tool.

Company Stationery

Letterhead (both physical and digital) is another place to promote your vanity phone number. Think about it – company memos, case studies, and correspondence are distributed both internally and externally. Why not use these communications as a marketing opportunity? Besides paper, the vanity number could also be added to branded folders, notebooks, and other items that you may give to your current customers.

Don’t limit your vanity phone number to just your marketing efforts. You’ve already made an investment by getting the vanity number – so boost its ROI by making sure you take every opportunity available to display your powerful marketing and branding tool.

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