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How to Come up With the Best Vanity Number for Your Business

The more a business interacts with potential customers, the more likely it is to succeed. The challenge lies in increasing the number of those interactions or generating more inbound leads where the customer makes the initial outreach. One way to increase interactions is to develop a strategy to become the first company they think of when they need your service. This is possible.

One tried-and-true way for small- and medium-sized businesses to drive interactions with potential customers is utilizing custom toll-free vanity numbers (think 1-800-GO-FEDEX). These unique phone numbers are easy for potential customers to remember, and those potential customers will be more likely to call your business if you advertise an unforgettable 800 phone number because they know it’s toll-free, and it’s embedded in their minds through continuous promotion of the number as a response tool…. Read more » 

Are 800 Numbers Spam?

It’s unfortunate that many consumers wonder whether 800 numbers are spam when they appear in their caller ID feeds. A lot of consumers view an 800 number as spam because they’re often affiliated with scams.

From criminals positioning themselves as IRS agents to thieves informing unsuspecting homeowners they’ve won money in a foreign lottery that doesn’t exist to nefarious people giving shoppers the chance to earn a high rate of return on an unheard-of investment, innocent people fall prey to phone scams every day. Over the course of a typical year, thousands of individuals lose money to scammers who use 800 telephone numbers. The losses consumers incur can range from a few dollars to all their savings…. Read more » 

Do Vanity Numbers Really Work?

In essence, a vanity phone number is an alphanumeric telephone number that you can use as a marketing tool to relay information about your business. A vanity number such as 1-800-FLOWERS defines what a business does while making the company’s phone number indelible in the minds of consumers.

The biggest benefit of having a vanity phone number is that it’s easy for shoppers to remember. A recent study showed that vanity 800 numbers have a 75.4 percent higher recall rate compared to numeric toll-free numbers. Because vanity numbers normally require consumers to remember one or two words that communicate something about your business instead of a string of unrelated numbers, shoppers can make a connection between your phone number and business. This makes it easier for them to remember your vanity phone number and how using it can benefit them…. Read more » 

You Probably Don’t Even Know Your Spouse’s Number

Quick: Recite your spouse’s phone number without looking at your cell phone. Can you do it? What about the numbers for your child, parents or best friend? Could you call in sick to the office if you didn’t have your smartphone in hand?

If you come up blank, don’t worry. You’re not the only one wondering, “Why can’t I remember a phone number?” A study by Kaspersky Lab shows that 71 percent of participants couldn’t recall phone numbers for their children, and 49 percent couldn’t remember the number for their partners without looking on their cell phones. The phenomenon affects many people, and it is associated with the very device we use to make phone calls. We’re not losing brain cells, but we are losing the ability to remember phone numbers, thanks to the increased reliance on technology…. Read more » 

Achieve Gold Medal Status with Vanity Numbers in TV Ads

During these past weeks, the world was captivated by the events of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  From Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian in history, to Simone Biles winning gold with her gravity defying gymnastics, to Usain Bolt showing once again he must have some cheetah DNA in him, the 2016 Olympics served up moments that kept viewers glued to their television sets.  And advertisers knew just how to reap the benefits.  NBCUniversal sold over $1.2 billion in national advertising for the games, resulting in brand new ad campaigns from corporations like Nike, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and BMW.  And it wasn’t just the big guns showing up; local businesses also came to play…. Read more » 

Why OOH Ads Works Better with a Vanity Phone Number

Whether it’s commuting to work, enjoying the summer weather, or simply trying to catch another Pokémon, it seems like more people are spending their time out of their homes these days than ever before.  And businesses are taking advantage of this growing trend by implementing more Out of Home (OOH) advertising in their marketing campaigns.  This strategy has proven to be astute, since a report from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows OOH advertising’s reach among adults ages 18 to 64 is a remarkable 99%, more than any other medium[1].  OOH also works in tandem with mobile phones; since most people who see outdoor advertisements have their mobile phones with them, they are motivated to automatically do more research on an ad they find intriguing.  In fact, OOH connects with consumers in the same half hour as 42% of online shopping, and 23% of online mobile activity in general[1]…. Read more » 

Why Vanity Numbers Work in Radio Advertising

In 2015, radio held its own in attracting advertising dollars within the highly competitive media environment. Radio boasts the broadest mass reach among all media while providing narrow targeting capabilities for advertisers through numerous program formats and networks. These attributes combine to make broadcast radio the most efficient, effective vehicle for advertising.

Knowing that radio has such a large reach, and that people continue to listen to broadcast radio, as well as digital radio (which does have advertising!), the next step is to consider what type of response tool is best to use in radio advertising – a web address, a phone number, social profiles?… Read more » 

Studies Reveal That TV Advertising + Vanity Numbers is Critical to Sales

Today, Marketing shared an article on the importance of television advertising to the year-over-year sales for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Here are a few of the highlights:

Whether you’re a CPG, an automotive dealer, a home remodeling business, or a private college, it is becoming increasingly obvious that a mix of advertising media is critical to communicating with your customers. Not everyone is on their computer all day, or phone for that matter, being presented with digital/online ads. They’re listening to the radio on their way home from work, on the way to the shopping mall, they’re watching television after they put their kids to bed at night…. Read more » 

The 800response Difference

We are beyond the days of plain old telephone service (POTS) where businesses had few options for connecting with their audiences. With the digital shift, businesses can now use cloud-telephone services for multiple internal phone lines, Voice over IP (VoIP) bundled with their enterprise-level internet services, and even cellular networks to connect with customers, potential customers, and with employees. As communication is becoming digitized, it may be easy to assume that everything can be done this way. However, there are some things that require a personalized, human touch…. Read more » 

A Vanity Number Means Confusion-Free Calling

Telephone companies distribute phone numbers through a numbering scheme known as a telephone numbering plan. To subdivide phone numbers by geographic area, a three digit area code is added which also increases the amount of number combinations available.

As adoption of the telephone progressed, the need for area codes increased as more and more people were requesting phone numbers.

Area codes were first introduced in the US in 1947, in large cities. Distribution was initially done based on the phone call volume of specific geographic areas. Later this expanded to separate phone numbers by states and even subsections of states. Traditionally, callers used to be able to only dial a seven digit phone number when calling another number in the same area code area. However, this has changed over the past decade or so as the massive adoption of cell phones drastically reduced the amount of available phone numbers…. Read more » 

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