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855 Area Code: The Guide to 855 Toll-Free Numbers

In the realm of telecommunications, the term “toll-free number” has a particular gravitas. While the 800 toll-free area code may have been the one to start it all, other prefixes are now just as prevalent when it comes to toll-free significance. One such prefix is the 855 area code. 855 toll-free numbers are more recognizable now than ever before, yet there is still some confusion surrounding them. In this blog, we’ll address some questions and misconceptions surrounding 855 toll-free numbers, and learn more about their benefits.

Is 855 Really a Toll-Free Number?

In an episode of the sitcom “Friends”, a character spends an inordinate amount of time on hold with a company that she thinks she dialed using a toll-free number, but is in fact a standard phone number. Played for laughs, but it’s easy to see how people might be wary of making a similar mistake. Fortunately the 855 area code is toll-free through and through. Like its counterparts such as 800, 888, and 877, an 855 number means the caller incurs no charges. Rather the recipient of the call (i.e., the business or organization) covers the costs themselves. Without having to worry about extra expenses, callers can reach out more freely and more often. This opens more lines of communication to foster customer relationships.

Where is the 855 Prefix Located?

While traditional area codes are bound to specific geographic areas in the United States and Canada, the 855 area code has no such restrictions. Designated specifically for toll-free use, it can be used by businesses, organizations, and individuals across both countries. This versatility and convenience makes the 855 prefix a sensible option for businesses with a broad customer base, establishing a unified and toll-free point of contact minus the restrictive ties to a specific geographic area. From coast to coast, dialing an 855 number guarantees a no-expense connection that emphasizes the reach toll-free numbers provide in today’s telecommunications landscape.

Benefits of 855 Numbers for Businesses

Utilizing an 855 toll-free number is a powerful strategic move for businesses looking to boost customer communication and satisfaction. Not only does it offer easy accessibility to a broad audience, it also improves marketing campaigns. Prominently featuring an 855 number in advertising gives businesses the opportunity to reach a nation-wide audience conveniently and effectively. Also, 855 numbers carry a professional image which lend credibility to a business, presenting a commitment to the customer experience and openness to conversations. Adopting an 855 toll-free number lets business create a seamless and cost-effective communication channel. This ultimately enhances both reach and customer relations.

How Much Does an 855 Number Cost?

There is no set price for acquiring an 855 phone number. Businesses must diligently review all pricing structures of different providers to ensure they make the most sensible decision. Typically numbers are leased based on a monthly or subscription basis. The cost also depends on several factors, including the chosen RespOrg and if any features are added to the number. For instance, many RespOrgs offer tools such as call tracking and monitoring along with their toll-free numbers. And while those features cause the price of the number to go up, they are worthwhile investments. This is due to them giving businesses the ability to see which ad campaigns are most effective, as well as ways to improve the customer experience.

How to Get an 855 Phone Number

855 numbers are only available through telecommunication service providers called Responsible Organizations, or RespOrgs. It is important to note that like other toll-free numbers, 855 numbers cannot be purchased. Instead, RespOrgs lease 855 numbers to businesses or individuals based on geographic availability. There are many RespOrgs to choose from, so a business should consider which factors matter most when making the decision. As a trusted RespOrg with over 30 years of experience, 800response provides quality 855 phone numbers to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Now that the mysteries surrounding 855 phone numbers have been cleared up, perhaps you want one for your business. 800response has the largest collection of toll-free vanity numbers available to increase lead generation. Search for a number online, or contact them today!

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