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877 Toll Free Numbers: Common Misconceptions

Are 877 Numbers Really Toll Free?

There are quite a few misconceptions about 877 toll free numbers. The most common is that they are not truly toll free, which they are. Or some people think they are not as effective as 800 numbers, or other toll free prefixes. Or that toll free numbers in general are not as useful as they were over the last decade or two. We know that’s not true, and we have the customers to prove it.

So, in an effort to show businesses the important role toll-free tracking numbers take on in marketing campaigns, we’ve developed responses to some of the more common misconceptions about 877 toll free numbers.

Common Misconceptions About 877 Toll Free Numbers

Here’s our list of common misconceptions and objections to 877 toll free numbers. See which ones you identify with. Then read on to learn more about why toll free tracking numbers are an essential part of your advertising toolkit.

  1. “We know that our advertising works. We don’t need to track our ad response or collect demographic information.”
  2. “It’s better to push customers to our website – we don’t need a call tracking number.”
  3. “We’re a local company with a local number, so we don’t need a toll free number.”
  4. “800 toll free numbers are better than 877 toll free numbers.”
  5. “Changing or adding phone numbers is a hassle.”
  6. “It’s better to advertise a website in ads – no need to include a toll free phone number too.”
  7. “Numeric toll-free numbers are more expensive than local numbers.”

The Truth About 877 Toll Free Numbers

While you may have already guessed that we’re going to correct these misperceptions, let’s take a closer look at each misconception.

  1. Markets change, and so does your target audience. Tracking your ad response or collecting demographic information is key to advertising success.
  2. The truth is that in today’s market, you need a multi-faceted approach to advertising, and call tracking is an essential piece to the puzzle.
  3. Even if your local number has been around for years, a toll free number will provide at least 25% more leads.
  4. While 800 toll free numbers have their place, 877 toll free numbers are just as valuable.
  5. Not with 800response. We make it easy to switch or add a number to your marketing tools.
  6. Actually, customers still like to use the phone, and a phone call is still a lead.
  7. While many businesses choose to advertise with a local number, numeric toll free numbers are just as effective and include tracking.

Why Choose 800response for ALL Toll Free Numbers

800response has been in the toll free and vanity number business for over twenty years. We have the customers and the track record to prove it. Additionally, we’ve seen direct-response tools work to strengthen advertising response rates and increase inbound leads.

Plus, every number you activate with us comes with call tracking reports that include a complete listing of each caller that has contacted your business. If you’re running a promotion or entering a new geographic market, our call tracking reports will help you measure your advertising success, and plan future campaigns.

Learn more about the power of advertising with an 877 toll free number and the myriad of ways to segment and analyze your call data with 800response. Call us today at 1-800-NEW-SALE or contact us via the web, and let us help you get the most out of your advertising campaigns with an 877 toll free, or a toll free vanity number.

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