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Should Your Business Get a Vanity Phone Number?

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Companies that use unforgettable vanity 800 numbers with call tracking services in their advertising and marketing materials increase response by 25–50%.

And that’s just the start of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get a vanity phone number with 800response. But if you’re on the fence, this post will help you decide whether a vanity number is right for your business.

Vanity Numbers Are Simply Unforgettable

Months after a campaign has ended, advertisers report that the phones are still ringing. Why is that? Vanity telephone numbers are much easier to remember (14 times easier to remember, in fact) than numerics.

Let’s face it, a prospect who suddenly needs replacement windows is much more likely to remember, and call, 1-800-NEW-WINDOW than a 10-digit string of numbers. But there are so many other reasons that businesses get a vanity phone number to use in their advertising.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of a vanity number.

Get a Vanity Phone Number & Get More Valuable Leads

Most businesses agree, building relationships is half the battle. That’s why having a customer on the phone is more valuable than a contact form. Why are phone calls more valuable than web leads?

For one, inbound phone calls eliminate steps to get to you. And two, they shorten the sales cycle. That’s the added power of a vanity number: not only is it more memorable; it also drives more valuable sales conversations.

Vanity Numbers Are Not Hard to Find

It’s really not that difficult to get a vanity phone number for your business. You see them all the time, but we often hear objections like, “but all the good ones are taken.” Advertising agencies have access to scores of toll-free number providers.

But when it comes to memorable, vanity numbers clients associate with such high-profile advertisers as Kohler and other major corporations, 800response offers the largest selection of shared-use vanity 800 numbers in the country. No one has more.

Call Tracking Services Are Included to Help With Real-time Decisions

When marketing dollars are on the line, you can’t wait for a campaign to end to decide if it worked. 800response provides real-time, online call tracking reports that let you react quickly, adjust your tactics accordingly, and increase your advertising effectiveness on the spot. Our Custom 800 number services truly make the difference.

Confusion-Free Calling

The terms “toll-free” and “800” are one and the same in the minds of consumers. It’s simple and easy, the way they like it. In fact, 97% of consumers recognize the 800 exchange as toll-free, but few connected with the toll-free exchanges 888, 877, and 866. Seems these numbers are confused with area codes – and confusion usually translates to lost sales.

As more and more area codes are introduced around the country, consumers become more and more confused about where their calls are going – and how much they’re going to cost. Vanity 800 numbers reassure your customer that no matter where they’re calling from, the call will go through easily and at no cost to them.

The 800 Payoff

In terms of payoff, 800response gives you the edge you need. In fact, when you get a vanity phone number with us, we make sure you will succeed with our plethora of advertising tools and top-notch customer support. When you measure the increased effectiveness of your advertising, you’ll realize that the incremental costs of using a Custom 800 number are worth every penny.

So if all this sounds good to you, then the answer is yes, you should definitely get a vanity phone number. And you can start by searching our directory to find the perfect number for your business!

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