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Getting a Vanity Phone Number – A 5 Step Guide

Companies that advertise with a vanity 800 number can expect to increase response rates by 30% to 50%. Why? Vanity numbers, like 1-800-NEW-ROOF, are easy to remember. In fact, a vanity phone number is 14 times easier to remember than a 10-digit string of random numbers. Common sense says that if your number is more memorable than your competitor’s, customers will call you first. It’s that simple.

Get a Vanity Number in 5 Easy Steps

Here at 800response, we make it easy to get a vanity 800 number for any campaign. Check out our 5-step guide for getting a vanity phone number. You can also download the infographic here.

More Reasons to Get a Vanity Number

One of the most important ingredients to success is building relationships. The best way to do that is to get a customer on the phone. Inbound phone calls often shorten the sales process and give the customer a sense of connection that a computer or website just can’t do. Once that connection is established, customers are much more likely to not only return, but also recommend you to their friends and neighbors. And it all starts when you get a vanity number from 800response.

Get a Vanity Toll Free Number from 800response

Advertising agencies choose us for their vanity phone numbers because 800response has the largest selection of shared-use numbers in America. We can also report that advertisers who get a vanity toll free number from 800response continue to get leads months after a campaign has ended.

When you decide to invest a little to earn a lot, let us show you all the advantages to advertising with a vanity 800 number. Simply search our directory for the perfect number, or schedule a demo with one of our experts to get a tour of our full solution of call tracking and caller analytics tools.

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