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Getting the Scoop on Vanity Numbers

In journalism, one of the first things taught is the “Five W’s (and H)”: who, what, when, where, why, (and how). These are the fundamental questions of reporting every journalist should address in a lead paragraph. While it seems simple, they succinctly convey to the reader the main points of the article.

We decided to take that lesson and apply it to discussing vanity numbers. When deciding whether or not to obtain a vanity number, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information that’s out there. So we’re getting back to the basics and sharing the most important things to know. Here are the Five W’s (and H) of Vanity Numbers.

Who Should Use a Vanity Number?

Anybody can use a vanity number, but the ones who benefit the most are businesses who rely on inbound phone calls for leads and revenue. Vanity numbers are easier to remember than numeric numbers, so businesses that use the former are more likely to get calls. In fact, financial services company J.G. Wentworth recently pitted two ads against each other. These ads were exactly the same, save for one key difference: One featured a vanity number, while the other featured a numeric number. The vanity number ad was the clear winner, with an impressive 48% call volume lift. This evidence shows businesses that use vanity numbers have a distinct advantage over those that do not.

What Are the Benefits of a Vanity Number?

Besides the aforementioned memorability and lead generation, vanity numbers have other benefits as well. For instance, they help build brand recognition and keep businesses front of mind for people. Plus, they convey an air of professionalism to consumers. Businesses that use vanity numbers are generally viewed as well-established and credible. And vanity numbers are scalable, as they can be used both locally and non-locally. So a business can start out using a vanity number to reach a local base, then as it grows (from all the inbound leads the number is generating), that same vanity number can connect with a much wider audience.

When Should a Business Use a Vanity Number?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question is as soon as possible. The sooner a business utilizes a vanity number in their ad campaigns, the faster the leads will start to come in. As for the best specific times to run campaigns with vanity numbers, this requires a bit more thought. Businesses should start out running ads as often as their budget will allow. Then, they can see which days/times are most effective using tools such as call tracking. Call tracking allows businesses to see at precisely which times people are more likely to dial the featured vanity number. This information is incredibly valuable when planning and executing future ad campaigns.

Where Can a Business Use a Vanity Number?

Vanity numbers can be used in any and all types of advertising, from traditional like TV and billboards, to digital like websites and social media. Anyplace a business provides contact information is a good place to feature a vanity number. The more places used, the more effective the number will be in generating leads. And caller analytics tools like consumer profiles provide comprehensive data on every inbound caller. Having this data lets a business segment its customer database to better qualify leads and move them further along the pipeline. Similar to call tracking, consumer profiles contribute to successful campaign creations.

Why Get a Vanity Number from 800response?

While there are plenty of legitimate vanity number providers, businesses should work with one that will best help them reach their goals. 800response has over 30 years experience in the vanity number industry, and provides the widest selection of high quality numbers available via our convenient online vanity phone number search. 800response also offers call tracking, analytics reporting, and call monitoring features for a truly comprehensive suite of solutions. And their customer service and commitment to client success is beyond exceptional. With 800response, businesses don’t just get a vanity number; they get everything they need to turn their dreams of success into a reality.

How to Get a Vanity Number from 800response?

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