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What Are 888 Numbers? Understanding the 888 Area Code

Toll-free phone numbers have been around since the late 1960s, with initially only the 800 prefix available. These 800 numbers proved quite popular and businesses began snatching up more and more of them. This led to available number options decreasing over the next few decades. The FCC addressed this issue by introducing new toll-free prefixes in 1996, starting with 888.

Despite existing for nearly 30 years, some people still see 888 numbers as inferior to 800 numbers. A sort of second-string toll-free number, if you will. So what is the difference between the two when it comes to value?


In this blog, we’ll discuss what toll-free 888 numbers are (and what they are not), as well as how they benefit businesses.

The Truth About 888 Numbers

Despite certain misconceptions, 888 numbers are neither spam nor telemarketing numbers. These numbers are just as legitimate as 800 numbers, and they work in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They have become more prominent and recognizable as toll-free over the years by customers.

And while numbers with an 800 prefix are often already taken, the same can’t be said for numbers with an 888 prefix. This means businesses have more options available to them when it comes to the 888 variety.

888 Numbers Make It Easier to Contact Businesses

Using 888 numbers helps businesses foster a national presence and expand into different geographical areas. Customers across the country can call one toll-free number and be sure they’ll reach that particular company. And a vanity number with an 888 prefix increases customers’ recollection of said phone number.

Meanwhile, call routing options direct callers to the correct business location, department, agent, etc. Statistics show when customers have easy access to businesses via toll-free number, they are more likely to reach out.

888 Numbers Increase Customer Satisfaction

The customer experience plays a key part in the success of today’s businesses. 888 numbers are great to use as points of contact for departments such as call centers and sales teams. Toll-free numbers allow customers to stay on a phone call as long as necessary, without having to worry about the cost.

Plus, features such as call tracking and call recording greatly enhance the customer experience. All of this diminishes the chances of customers canceling services, returning products, or going to a competitor.

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