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5 Ways to Make Choosing a Vanity Number Less Scary

Happy Halloween! Or All Hallows Eve. Or Samhain (pronounced “SAH-win”, thank you very much, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch). Or just plain Spooky Season. Whatever you call it, this is the time of year when people actually enjoy a good scare. But when it comes to selecting the right vanity number for their business, most people prefer a less frightening approach.

Establishing a distinctive brand identity is vital for companies to separate themselves from the competition. An easily recognizable and memorable vanity number can assist with this goal. But with so many vanity numbers available, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Here are five guidelines to make the process less intimidating.

1. Choose a Number That Reinforces Brand Identity

The first thing to consider when choosing a vanity number is how well it aligns with the company’s brand identity. What products/services does the company offer? For example, a window repair business might use “1-800-WINDOWS” or “1-800-GOT-WINDOWS” to easily convey its area of expertise. This strengthens brand recall and prompts potential customers to associate the number with that particular business.

2. Keep It Short (and Memorable)

Vanity numbers’ main appeal is how easy they are for people to remember. Conversely, the more complex a number is, the less likely people will be able to recall it. For instance, “1-800-NEW-DOOR” is more memorable than a longer, more complicated number. Try to select a number that is concise and does not necessitate inordinate effort to memorize it. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of a vanity number.

3. Refrain From Complicated Spellings

When choosing a vanity number, opt for one that is both phonetically clear and easy to spell. Refrain from using vague or similar-sounding letters or numbers (e.g.”8″ and “ate”). Also, try to avoid words that may be too difficult for people to spell off the top of their heads. Most people probably won’t recall “1-800-INGENIOUS.” When customers see or hear a number, they need to be able to dial it on their phones with no confusion.

4. Optimize for Marketing

Businesses tend to get the most out of their vanity numbers by using them in various marketing strategies, such as billboards or radio spots. It is important to make sure the number is visually appealing and noticeable. Factors such as font choice, color contrast, and even clear diction are important to consider. The more a vanity number stands out, the more likely it is to be remembered.

5. Check Availability and Legal Compliance

Before officially choosing a vanity number, it is crucial to be sure that it is not only available, but doesn’t infringe on any trademarks or copyrights. Also, verify the selected number complies with local and national regulations with regards to phone numbers. A credible vanity number provider like 800response can provide information on which numbers are available, and in which geographic markets.

With these 5 tips, finding the perfect vanity number doesn’t have to be a fearsome experience. And 800response not only has the largest selection of vanity numbers, they also provide features such as call tracking to ensure each business gets the most value from its number. Contact us today, and leave the scares to the ghosts and ghouls!

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