Reasons Your Small Business Needs Call Recording

Reasons Your Small Business Needs Call Recording

Call recording can be a useful business tool for many reasons. Although it is important that callers know their call is recorded and monitored, recording can offer several ways to improve the customer service experience.

Capturing Information

Call recording can allow you to collect information without asking a caller to repeat it multiple times. A recorded call can be passed along to another employee or administrator who is the most appropriate person to return the call, supporting an appropriate customer response. Also, recorded calls can allow follow-up. Lost leads can be regained, by accessing recorded return phone numbers or appropriate contact information and using it to discuss concerns with a potential client or customer.

Better Customer Service

Using actual, recorded calls to train customer service representatives, can provide real-world experience. Difficult situations, frequently occurring calls, and unique interactions can be rehearsed using recorded phone calls. This provides the opportunity to coach representatives through their own challenging calls, or provide introductory training across your business.

Ensure Consistency

Compliance to a script can be monitored using previous customer calls, as well as the amount of time phone responders are spending with each customer. Challenges related to a particular area of questions or product line can be analyzed to provide clear targets and objectives for upcoming employee trainings. This ensures that customers contacting your company by phone have a similar, positive experience and that employees feel competent and prepared to meet customer needs.

Customer Analysis

When customer calls are recorded, CallFinder speech analytics can be used to analyze customer needs in real time. Since specific phrases are selected for your business, calls can be categorized by pricing questions, complaints, or even service representative script compliance. This content analysis allows calls to be filtered to ensure that the calls you access are the calls you need. Make the most of the time you have dedicated to messages some agencies have reported their message time decreased by 50% when CallFinder was used.

Overall, call recording can serve multiple functions for your business or agency and ensure increased, positive customer satisfaction. If you are interested in increasing incoming call volumes with a vanity 800 number, and listening to call recordings, please contact us.