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How Recording Calls Reduces Agent Attrition & Other Benefits

The Value of Recording Calls

Business owners typically have 3 main goals. They want to ensure that employees have the tools needed to succeed, to provide an exceptional customer experience, and to maintain a positive brand image. Recording calls and using insights from customer interactions can achieve all of this.

Implementing a call recording solution has become standard practice for many businesses, yet its value often remains unknown. If you’re considering a call recording solution, or you’re already recording calls but haven’t explored all of its applications, here are just a few benefits of call recording.

Improve Employee Training

Whether it’s a sales agent, a contact center agent, or any other employee interacting with customers, you want to know they are providing the best service possible. Recording calls and analyzing them with an automated call monitoring tool provides real-life examples that illustrate common scenarios with customers.

Managers can use call transcriptions to search for calls with poor outcomes, and offer feedback that can help employees improve their call-handling skills. This also gives contact center agents the tools they need to resolve issues with disgruntled customers. And sales representatives can more easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Reduce Costly Agent Attrition

Typical agent attrition in a call center is 10% or more per month. This is incredibly costly in terms of recruiting, training, and productivity. Better insights from call recordings can give them a more accurate picture of where agents fall short. Combined with a positive, holistic training program that focuses on both positive performance and areas of potential improvement, agents feel better about their job and relationships with their employers.

You can even use examples of successful phone conversations to help boost morale. Giving employees reassurance about their skills boosts their confidence and keeps them engaged. When employees feel more confident overall, they are more invested in their job and in the company.

Enhance Customer Service

One of the main ways to use a call recording solution is to use call data to deliver a great customer experience. Plus, it ensures that the service your agents provide is accurate, consistent, and efficient. For example, you can use your recorded calls to look for common queries from customers. Include those questions in training manuals to help employees confidently answer any customer inquiry.

Call recording is often used to determine what your customers really want (or don’t want) from your company. Use speech analytics to make adjustments to business processes, improve products, marketing, and more. With features like sentiment analysis, you can get a visual representation of how your customers feel about your business. It can also be used to confirm information, such as a customer’s order, address, credit card info, etc.

Ensure Compliance & Protect Your Business

Businesses in a variety of industries have to adhere to specific regulations, whether on a legal, industry, or service level. For instance, sensitive information given over the phone, such as credit card info, is bound to PCI compliance rules. And failure to comply with those and other regulations can result in severe consequences, including fines and lawsuits.

You can protect your business by recording calls to ensure that your employees adhere to 100% of all compliance rules. Call recording can even be helpful in solving disputes, whether it’s a simple disagreement between a customer and an employee, or over legal action against the business. It all helps you protect your business and its reputation.

Recording Calls Combined with Speech Analytics

Call recording is a valuable tool that can help improve your business in a variety of ways. And if your business experiences a larger volume of calls, consider using a call monitoring solution. Discover everything call recording has to offer by quickly scanning all recorded calls to detect trends and patterns for critical insights.

You can also boost revenue with features, such as missed call monitor alerts, that give you a chance to turn missed opportunities into sales. Recording calls with speech analytics and other call monitoring tools will provide an efficient, comprehensive overview of each phone conversation with your customers.

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