Unique Ways to Use Call Monitoring

Unique Ways To Use Call Monitoring In Business

How You Can Use Call Monitoring For Business

In business, solutions to problems are a premium. Those who can come up with them are valuable to the organization as they paint the way to the future. One such solution to a multitude of issues is call monitoring.

Monitoring the business phone calls made by employees serves some obvious purposes, but there are others that you may not have thought of.

1. Looking For The Upsell

Trying to upsell to clients may be difficult. Most will flat out decline, but there are always a few who are willing to accept more products when they are recommended to them. Figuring out what patterns may exist with clients that are open to upselling tactics may be important.

2. Location Of Calls

If someone is calling in because they have seen an advertisement of yours, then you would probably like to know where they saw it at. It may be the case that you can determine which adds and location of ads work best based on the information gathered from phone calls such as this.

3. Quality Customer Service

Even the highly touted New York University uses call monitoring to make sure that their customer service is top notch. On their nyu.edu website they say,

New York University (NYU) strives to maintain the highest quality of customer service while fielding calls to provide assistance to the University community.

These universities care about their image and customer service as much as businesses do, so it would be wise to follow their lead.

4. See What An Average Call Sounds Like

This one may seem a little odd at first, but why would you not want to know what the average customer experience is when they call into your call center? Of course you will want to know something like this. Thus, monitoring phone calls just to see what the experience is like makes sense.

5. Help Out The Employees

Call monitoring is not meant to just be a tool that is used against employees. It is not something that is ideal to try to “trap” them with. Rather, most employees appreciate it if you are being fair with them by also helping them out when a customer is raising questions they don’t know the answers to. In this case, call monitoring is used as a support role.

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