Why Use Call Monitoring?

Why Use Call Monitoring?

The importance of call monitoring on your 800 number is astounding, especially when it comes to customer service. Great customer service is critical to maintaining and expanding your sales. With call monitoring, you can listen to incoming calls to ensure quality customer care, script adherence and to hear your customer’s reactions first hand. Hearing customer reactions helps you make changes in script or customer handling policies to make them more pleasing to the public.

You can improve your sales training. Recorded calls can be used to illustrate common sales strategies and how to overcome customer objections. Recordings also reveal area in which your staff needs to become more familiar with products and services in order to better serve customer needs. You can increase efficiency by tracking how long customers are put on hold, you can gain knowledge of typical call patterns, and find out how many times callers are transferred before reaching the right person. Confirming information is a vital part of call monitoring. After a call has ended, you can go back to the recording and make sure you got all the customer information correct and double check the order for mistakes.

Another important aspect of call monitoring is the missed call monitor. A missed call, for whatever reason, is a missed sales opportunity. With 800Response Missed Call Monitor, you get either a text or email alerting you to the missed call, allowing you  to follow up on the lost lead and turn it into a sale.

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