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Dealership Uses Vanity 800 Number in Traditional Advertising to Fuel Valuable Incoming Calls


Internet Marketing Director – NC
This dealership is rich in history – with over 100 years of experience, and is consistently recognized as one of the best automobile dealerships in the nation.

Background / Challenge:

A vanity 800 number is a critical part of the advertising strategy at one of the most recognized Ford dealerships in the nation.

Business Need:

Maintain the brand’s recognition in the market while competing with three other Ford dealers within 20 miles.


Use a combination of traditional advertising and a Custom 800® number to drive valuable incoming calls.


The Ford dealership uses their vanity 800 number in traditional media – television and radio campaigns – to maintain the brand they’ve built in the market with 1-800-NEW-FORD since 2000, when they activated the number.

“We use 1-800-NEW-FORD in our radio and TV ads because it is catchy and easy for people to remember,” says the Internet Marketing Manager. The dealership works with an advertising agency and runs their radio and television spots during prime-time hours to “keep the Ford dealership’s name out there.”

According to the Internet Marketing Director, “Phone calls are more valuable than online web leads.” He explains that when Sales Consultants at the dealership receive online leads, they will respond by email, but eventually try to contact the customer by phone. “Having an inbound phone call eliminates a few steps and shortens the sales process, because our people already have the caller on the line – they do not have to reach out to the buyer.”

With such a rich history in the area, and accolades from corporate as a recipient of the President’s Award and the Triple Crown Award, the dealership plans to continue building and maintaining their brand recognition with 1-800-NEW-FORD.

Ford is a trademark of Ford Motor Company. There is no relationship between 800response or any of its affiliates and the aforementioned company.

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