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Consumer Recall Rates of Phone Numbers in Advertising

This study examines the consumers’ recall of vanity 800 numbers (mnemonic phone numbers that transpose into words on the telephone keypad, i.e. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? ®) compared with recall rates of numeric toll-free phone numbers when used in visual and broadcast advertisements.  The study findings prove that advertisers can expect up to an 84% improvement in consumer recall rates when they feature a vanity 800 number rather than a numeric toll-free number in visual advertising media (billboards, magazines).  A second portion of the study focusing on audio advertisements (television, radio) shows that consumers are nine times more likely to recall a vanity 800 number compared to a numeric toll-free phone number…. Read more » 

The Impact of Digital Media on Lead Quality

Most businesses agree that building relationships is a key component to a successful sales organization. Yet, in this ever-growing digital age, internet-driven communications are becoming more prevalent. And while an online presence is certainly an important component of the media mix, the opportunity cost of providing consumers with only an online response mechanism is too high to justify a strategy that omits immediate, live dialogue.

After all, it is well-known that interactions within the online environment are inherently impersonal and provide people with many opportunities to shop the competition, remain anonymous, and noncommittal, where as a live conversation immediately starts to build trust and relationships. These less engaged communication paths include click-to-chat, web contact forms, emails, and even texting. Regardless of the product, service, or industry, Sales Managers share one common opinion, that a live conversation is always preferred as it is a stronger, more direct path to a sale. With these live leads offering better quality, higher close rates and shorter sales cycles, it’s no surprise that given a choice, a sales professional will prefer the lead calling in on the phone rather than the lead from an email form…. Read more » 

Nine Ways to Get More out of Your Advertising Campaigns

Your business is likely focused more rigorously on improving the return you will see from your advertising budgets. It is a common goal shared by many business owners and managers. As consumers tighten their wallets and spend less, advertising budgets are often one of the first areas to be reduced by businesses during slower times. Unfortunately, reducing the ad budget is an unavoidable reality for many, making it all the more important to ensure that those remaining ad dollars are going as far as possible…. Read more » 

Toll-free Vanity 800 Numbers vs. Numeric Phone Numbers and URLs in Advertising

Furthermore, with 57% of survey respondents reporting that they prefer to dial a vanity 800 number over a local numeric phone number, companies can ensure consumer satisfaction for the majority of the population their advertising reaches when they feature a vanity toll-free number as the response tool in their print advertisements.

Study data suggest that companies who drive traffic to their websites by only advertising a URL are missing a significant portion of the consumer population who better recall a phone number – vanity or otherwise – to communicate with an organization…. Read more » 

Toll-free Vanity 800 Numbers & URLs in Advertising – Consumer Recall by Age


An independent research survey of 1,000 consumers tested recall of vanity 800 numbers and URLs in advertising. Study results show that consumers of all ages have a higher recall rate of toll-free vanity 800 numbers compared to Web addresses. Survey results suggest that advertisers will benefit from featuring a memorable toll-free number in their advertising campaigns regardless of the age groups they target.

Key Finding 1: Consumers age 18 – 24 years have a 32.2% average higher recall rate for toll-free vanity 800 numbers, compared to URLs…. Read more » 

Toll-Free Numbers as Direct Response Mechanisms in Billboard Advertising

Effective use of toll-free numbers has produced numerous business success stories. This study examined billboard advertising along major highways in two major metropolitan markets – Philadelphia (the 4th ranked DMA in the US) and San Diego (the 26th ranked DMA in the US). Researchers gathered data on advertiser, advertisement telephone number information, Internet address information, and local business address information, and also compiled data on advertiser industry segments. A total of 358 billboards were surveyed in the course of the study…. Read more » 

Toll-free Numbers in Radio Advertising


Effective use of toll-free numbers can substantially increase advertising response rates. The results of this study, focusing on the use of toll-free numbers in radio advertising, show that an advertisement using a toll-free vanity number (a number that translates into words for easy recall) yields 14 times more phone calls than an advertisement using a toll-free numeric number. Sixty-seven percent of these calls are local calls (originating from the same area code).

KEY FINDINGS…

Telephone Number Recall in Radio Advertising


Effective use of toll-free numbers has produced numerous business success stories. Vanity toll-free numbers — telephone numbers that spell words or phrases — are a common response tool in many advertising media, including print, direct mail, outdoor, television and radio. Previous studies and anecdotal evidence suggest consumers retain toll-free vanity numbers better than “hybrid” or numeric numbers, increasing the response rate of ads that include vanity numbers…. Read more »