Nine Ways to Get More out of Your Advertising Campaigns

Think Consistent Advertising Campaigns that Steer Relationships…


As consumers tighten their wallets and spend less, advertising budgets are often one of the first areas to be reduced by businesses during slower times. Unfortunately, reducing the ad budget is an unavoidable reality for many, making it all the more important to ensure that those remaining ad dollars are going as far as possible. Here, we will review ways in which you and your business can achieve more with your existing ad budgets.


Focus: Return on Investment

In 2012, your business is likely focused more rigorously on improving the return you will see from your advertising budgets. It is a common goal shared by many business owners and managers.

As consumers tighten their wallets and spend less, advertising budgets are often one of the first areas to be reduced by businesses during slower times. Unfortunately, reducing the ad budget is an unavoidable reality for many, making it all the more important to ensure that those remaining ad dollars are going as far as possible.


9 Ways to Achieve More with Advertising Budgets

1. Commit to an advertising campaign that integrates several media formats, but maintains the same call-to-action throughout all pieces of the campaign.

2. Clearly state, several times, what it is that you want people to do. For instance, “We have dozens of certified pre-owned vehicles in our inventory. And, if you call 1-800-PRE-OWNED today, we will send you a free CARFAX® report on any certified pre-owned vehicle on our lot. Call 1-800-PRE-OWNED today to speak with a sales person and take advantage of the free CARFAX report.”

3. Use a direct-response tool in all pieces of your advertising campaign that is easy for consumers to remember and simple to track, like a toll-free vanity 800 number (800-NEW-CASH) with call tracking services.

4. Analyze the response rates to your overall advertising efforts by monitoring your campaigns and tracking how many calls come into your business as the result of your media buys.


“I believe 100 percent in using vanity numbers to advertise my business. I would not even consider running a dealership without using memorable phone numbers in our ads. By selling just one car a month we more than pay for the vanity number service.”

– General Manager, Southeast Auto Dealership


5. Track the Cost-Per-Lead of your campaigns based on the cost of the overall campaign versus the number of leads the campaign generates. This is easy with a call tracking system. Most vanity 800 number and call tracking providers offer a campaign summary tool. All you have to do is plug in the campaign spend numbers and as calls come in, the tracking system updates and automatically calculates the CPL.

6. Build a strong lead database and market directly to these contacts. Research tells us consumers are not only using the Internet to research an upcoming purchase, they also want to make a phone call to speak with an expert before they commit to a purchase. A toll-free service with a call tracking system will capture each incoming caller’s name, address, and demographic profile, including average home value and household income based on the caller’s location. You can then market to those prospects and get them to convert to a buying position.

7. Stay consistent with your advertising plans. Instead of a one-time splash, successful businesses develop campaigns that will keep their name and brands in the market place, and in front of consumers on a regular basis. If you have to cut back somewhere, buy smaller newspaper ads, run thirty-second radio spots, and thirty-second television non-peak spots. Smaller ads and shorter spots allow advertisers to stretch budgets and maintain a presence in the media for a longer period of time. And, repetition is the key to retention when it comes to consumers!

8. Target your existing customers. If a relationship preexists, then it only makes sense to take advantage of that. Inevitably, this core base will need service, refills, or repairs. A savvy business manager includes the same trackable direct-response tool in the communications to these people, because chances are, even though they know who they purchased from in the past, they may forget, or they may be on the hunt for a better deal.

9. Splash your toll-free vanity 800 number on all marketing and advertising materials, including signage, banners, and company vehicles. These cars and trucks serve as mobile billboards, and a perceptive business owner or manager knows not to miss out on an opportunity for “free” advertising.


“Switching to a more memorable response tool in our radio ads, where people cannot see or write down a numeric phone number, has improved the response rates to our campaigns. And, we’ve been able to maintain a lower cost-per-lead and allocate our budgets more wisely to maximize patient recruiting efforts.”

– General Manager, Southeast Auto Dealership


“Having 1-800-NEXT-CARE, a memorable phone number, ensures that people will remember our phone number and contact us first, rather than having to look up the phone number of a healthcare provider and perhaps come across a competing clinic in their area.”

– Director of Marketing & Advertising, Midwest Healthcare Provider


How a Vanity 800 Number will Help Your Business Achieve a Better ROI

Year-after-year, consumers’ actions and preferences continue to show that it is important for companies to provide a way for people to contact them for a live communication interaction, whether with sales or customer service departments.

Numerous business case studies and market research surveys show that the effective use of vanity 800 numbers in advertising can substantially increase consumer response rates compared to numeric phone numbers and website addresses (URLs).

Despite the continuing emergence of social media outlets to advertise and communicate, research has shown that 90% of people say they still want their inquiries handled by live representatives over the telephone as opposed to Twitter®, Facebook®, or other communication avenues. Online communication services do not always provide as much information as a live person, and cannot fix problems the way a call-center representative can. This is good news for businesses that use a phone number in their advertising campaigns as a response and lead-generation tool.

Furthermore, it is reported that 65% of businesses rate phone calls as their highest quality lead source. With consumer reliance on toll-free numbers to contact businesses, and the fact that they prefer to have live communication with businesses, these consumer response tools will remain key components in advertising campaigns to reach consumers and generate response.

  • 75.4% Average Higher Recall Rate of Vanity 800 Numbers over Numeric Toll-free Numbers:
  • After viewing sample ads with one of these response tools, consumers have significantly higher recall of vanity 800 numbers versus 10-digit toll-free numbers


Calculate Expected ROI with a Vanity 800 Number

It’s simple math…a toll-free vanity number adds to your bottom line. Still not convinced? Use this helpful calculator to see with your own eyes.

Plug in your Current Sales Activity info in the box on the right, then add the percent more calls you can expect to get once you start advertising with a vanity 800 number as part of your strategy (30% is a good average), and you will see how many more calls and sales a vanity 800 number will bring your business.

Run the numbers and then call 1-800-NEW-SALE to speak with an Account Manager, get a quote, and take a demo of the Call Tracking and Monitoring tools.


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