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Consider Vanity Numbers To Brand Your Business

You’re in your car driving down the highway. You’re out running errands, which strangely is one of your favorite activities of the week. It gives you a break from the busy atmosphere of your business and allows you to just get away with your thoughts for a little while. You’re listening to your favorite radio station. Suddenly, a commercial comes on for a product you’ve always wanted to try. You start looking for a place to pull over so you can quickly write down the phone number when they announce it. But, you’re on the highway. There’s no place to pull over. They say the phone number and you repeat it to yourself, willing yourself to remember it and write it down when you get to your destination.

The minute you pull into a parking lot, you grab a pen and try to remember the phone number. But, it’s gone.

It’s a scenario that’s all to common for most of us. And you’re a business owner and you’ve had this experience, you can immediately see the value in having a phone number for your business that’s easy to remember. In fact, vanity numbers are responsible for many companies achieving a customer growth rate of over 25%.

How many potential customers do you think businesses miss out on by having phone numbers that are difficult to remember each week? How much growth could be attained by using a phone number that is easy to remember? What about your business?

Adding a vanity number is a simple step that can instantly start bringing you more customers. At 800 Response, we’re dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and a phone number that will help you reach out to more people and grow your business.

So…what’s your new phone number? To find out, contact us today.