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Are 800 Numbers Outdated? No, Not Even Close!

Are 800 Numbers Outdated?

If you wonder whether 800 numbers are obsolete, you should know that 800 numbers are still relevant in today’s marketplace. Even though they’ve been available for decades, 800 numbers are still needed by businesses competing in many industries, such as insurance, finance, education, healthcare, and construction.

Because toll-free numbers are often associated with scams, they have a negative stigma attached to them in the minds of many consumers. This has led many business owners and managers to wonder if toll-free numbers really do matter anymore. While some entrepreneurs and business managers may ponder the usefulness of toll-free phone numbers, savvy businesspeople know toll-free numbers are still necessary because they provide a number of key benefits for both companies and consumers.

Modern 800 Number Applications

Some people still do use 800 numbers for their original purpose, which was to give consumers a way to contact their business without incurring a charge on their household’s phone bill. While 800 numbers have helped consumers save money for decades, they’ve also helped companies demonstrate their commitment to providing free access to their customer service departments and their eagerness to resolve problems.

Even though many consumers now enjoy unlimited long-distance calling on their cellphones and landlines, toll-free numbers still help people who don’t have unlimited long-distance save money. While 800 numbers can help consumers save, they can also benefit a business in numerous ways.

A vanity toll-free number can be used as a marketing tool by a business in any industry. While some modern marketing tools may be more advanced, a vanity 800 number is still an effective way to tell consumers something about your business and make your phone number unforgettable at the same time. Some people still use 800 numbers to define their businesses for consumers, as well. A good example of using an 800 number as a marketing tool is 1-800-FLOWERS.

One reason 800 numbers are still relevant is that they’re easy to incorporate into your marketing strategies. You can promote your toll-free number in all your chosen marketing channels, so it’s the first thing consumers see or hear when they come across one of your company’s ads. Even if you have an online contact form or you have a live chat feature on your website, you should still prominently display your 800 number. Doing so will lend credibility to your business and brand image.

800response Services

Another reason 800 numbers are still needed is that the providers of toll-free phone numbers typically offer an array of services that can help your business thrive. When you get an 800 number from 800response, for instance, you’ll enjoy access to a full suite of call management services, including call monitoring, call tracking, and call routing. You’ll also be able to run a number of reports that provide caller analytics you can use to make your marketing even more effective, increase your bottom line and improve the service your call center agents provide.

To learn more about why toll-free numbers are still necessary and how we can help you get the most out of your toll-free number, contact 800response now.

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