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Are 800 Numbers Spam?

Are 800 Numbers Spam?

It’s unfortunate that many consumers wonder whether 800 numbers are spam when they appear in their caller ID feeds. A lot of consumers view an 800 number as spam because they’re often affiliated with scams.

From criminals positioning themselves as IRS agents to thieves informing unsuspecting homeowners they’ve won money in a foreign lottery that doesn’t exist to nefarious people giving shoppers the chance to earn a high rate of return on an unheard-of investment, innocent people fall prey to phone scams every day. Over the course of a typical year, thousands of individuals lose money to scammers who use 800 telephone numbers. The losses consumers incur can range from a few dollars to all their savings.

Why Do People Still Use 800 Numbers?

Despite the stigma that’s often associated with toll-free phone numbers, many people still use them for their businesses. That’s because 800 numbers provide benefits a company might not be able to enjoy with a toll number. Many businesses use a toll-free number to demonstrate their commitment to providing free customer service to their clients and prospects. When customers know it’s not going to cost them anything to communicate with your company, it’s more likely they’ll call you.

You can enjoy even more benefits when you use a vanity 800 number. You can increase your customer base by using a vanity telephone number as a marketing tool, for example. A vanity toll-free number can also clearly define the nature of your business.

A vanity 800 number can improve your brand’s image as well. You can design your toll-free numbers so consumers think your 800 numbers are trustworthy and perceive your company the same way.

How Can I Build Trust in My 800 Number?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, you may have to take immediate steps to build trust in your phone number:

  • Do people think my number is spam?
  • Does my number look like spam?
  • Why don’t customers answer my calls?

Luckily, there are some basic things you can do to build trust in your phone number that relate directly to how to pick a good 800 number for your business. Picking a prefix that’s recognizable as toll-free will help give your phone number credibility, for example. Whenever possible, choose a toll-free number that starts with 800. If a desirable number beginning with that prefix isn’t available, do your best to find one that starts with 888.

In addition to using a prefix consumers recognize as toll-free, you should also select a number than indicates the industry you’re in, such as 1-800-INSURANCE. If that’s not possible, choose a number that supports an advertising message consumers will affiliate with your business instead. Remember to avoid using Q or Z in your phone number, because these letters aren’t included on older keypads.

To build trust in your phone number, you should display it prominently in all your advertisements. Your 800 number should be the first thing consumers see or hear in every one of your promotional ads.

If you’re looking for more ways that an 800 number can benefit your marketing strategies and build trust, contact 800response now. We provide only the best toll free vanity phone numbers.

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