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Do Vanity Numbers Really Work?

Are Vanity Numbers Worth It?

In essence, a vanity phone number is an alphanumeric telephone number that you can use as a marketing tool to relay information about your business. A vanity number such as 1-800-FLOWERS defines what a business does while making the company’s phone number indelible in the minds of consumers.

Why Use a Vanity Number?

The biggest benefit of having a vanity phone number is that it’s easy for shoppers to remember. A recent study showed that vanity 800 numbers have a 75.4 percent higher recall rate compared to numeric toll-free numbers. Because vanity numbers normally require consumers to remember one or two words that communicate something about your business instead of a string of unrelated numbers, shoppers can make a connection between your phone number and business. This makes it easier for them to remember your vanity phone number and how using it can benefit them.

If you’re wondering if vanity numbers are worth it, consider this — vanity phone numbers have the potential to increase your customer base and call volume, define your company and improve its reputation.

Do Vanity Numbers Really Work?

One study showed that vanity phone numbers are 14 times easier to remember than generic phone numbers. According to industry expert 800response, businesses that use memorable vanity 800 phone numbers and call-tracking services in their promotional materials see a 25-50 percent increase in their response rates.

While that may sound great, it can help to see some vanity number examples so you can better understand the vanity number ROI you may generate when you get a vanity telephone number. Let’s examine a hypothetical vanity number case study or two to demonstrate the vanity number return on investment you might see.

Let’s assume that you own an HVAC company that pays $49 per month for a phone number, your company charges $100 per HVAC system checkup and receives 100 calls for checkups every month, and your team converts 20 percent of your inbound calls. Even if you’re on the lower end of the expected increase in response rates when you get a vanity phone number at the same monthly rate, say at 30 percent, you’d still enjoy a vanity number ROI of 65 percent.

Here’s another example of the cost-benefit of vanity numbers. Imagine your mortgage company gets 200 calls per month, you collect $750 for every mortgage you close, you pay $99 for your phone number and you currently close just 10 percent of your inbound calls. If switching to a vanity phone number that costs the same yields 30 percent more calls, you’d see a vanity number return on investment of 114 percent.

Is It Difficult to Get a Vanity Number?

It’s easy to get a vanity phone number from 800response. We have more local 800 numbers available, and you can search our directory of toll-free numbers by keyword, number, or category. If you’d rather speak to one of our representatives about getting a local or 800 vanity phone number, we encourage you to call us at 800-NEW-SALE now.

We also welcome you to contact us online. Simply fill out our contact form and let us know the area codes and phone numbers you have an interest in. We’ll let you know if they’re available and help you find the vanity phone number that’s perfect for your business.

Search for your vanity number in our directory or contact 800response to get started today.

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