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Famous Musical Phone Numbers With Toll-free Vanity Numbers

Tommy Tutone (1982) was number four on the charts, yet his song about Jenny also angered a lot of people.

Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? 

You give me somethin’ I can hold on to.

I know you think I’m like the others before.

Who saw your name and number on the wall.

Jenny, I got your number.

I need to make you mine.

Jenny, don’t change your number.

The song said to call Jenny at 867-5309. The problem is, that was a generic number that belonged to several people depending on what area code was added. It’s reported that several people kept getting phone calls asking for Jenny which became a problem. The phone number was included it in the song, but the number had no meaning.

If you want your number to be memorable and have meaning, use a toll-free vanity number. Your phone number represents you and your company. While you probably won’t put it in song lyrics, you will use the phone number in advertisements.

Think about what best sums up your business, or a key to remembering your business. Flowers, construction, baking, …. After you have those ideas, you have a start to a phone number. For example, 800 flowers is a number that most people know to order flowers. It’s easy to remember, and it says everything about that business.

Ready to make your number memorable? Still using one of those generic numbers? Instead of using a generic phone number, use one to make your business famous. Contact us today and we can help.

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