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How to Use Customer Analytics to Identify Buyer Intent

Understanding buyer intent presents a challenge for nearly all businesses. You’re trying to meet people at each stage of their purchasing journey, and then take the right steps to turn them into loyal customers. And with so many distractions and competition out there, this can seem like a monumental effort.

Fortunately, there are ways to make this endeavor less stressful. This short post explains how customer analytics tools help you identify buyer intent while making lasting connections with your customers.

Define Your Ideal Customer with Customer Analytics

Every business has its ideal customer – the one who is most likely to seek out (and purchase) its products or services. Defining your ideal customer makes it easier for your marketing department to develop targeted ad campaigns. For instance, consumer profiles provide customer analytics data on each inbound caller to help create buyer personas.

Marketers use this info to develop ad strategies that resonate with their buyer personas. Consumer profile tools also segment your customer database to help qualify leads from your most effective marketing campaigns.

Understand Customers with Speech Analytics

Another way to identify buyer intent is by listening to the customer. Seems simple enough, but really understanding customers goes beyond hearing what’s actually said. You have to decipher what the customer isn’t saying, too. An automated quality monitoring solution with speech analytics transcribes each recorded inbound call.

This makes it easy to search for specific words and phrases that reveal customer expectations. It also helps identify common pain points that may otherwise go unnoticed. Sales teams use this knowledge to develop better pitches and bring in more revenue.

The better you can understand your customers, the easier it becomes to identify buyer intent. You can be more confident in knowing you’re offering your customers exactly what they’re looking for at that moment. Customer analytics tools can help you really gain that knowledge, and give you an edge over the competition.

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