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Phone Calls vs. Web Leads – Which Are More Valuable?

Marketers face a litany of tools to improve business performance, generate more leads, and grow their business. More often than not, they don’t know how to incorporate all of those tools into their multi-channel strategy so that they work together to deliver quality leads.

Connecting with customers and building relationships is increasingly important to compete and survive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Businesses can connect with customers online through Twitter, Facebook, live chat, and other social outlets.

But live phone conversations are often more productive and a better way to build relationships with customers. Therefore, encouraging customers to contact a business by phone still plays an extremely important role in advertising strategies.

Customers Prefer Live Conversations

A recent study conducted by American Express Co. finds that 90% of respondents said they still want their inquiries handled by live representatives over the telephone. And, a BIA/Kelsey & Constat Local Commerce Monitor Wave study found that 65% of businesses rate phone calls as their highest quality lead source.

US consumers prefer to resolve their customers service issues using the telephone (90%), face to face (75%), company website or email (67%), online chat (47%), text message (22%), social networking site (22%)  – Source: American Express 2011 Global Customer Service Barometer

Although it is undeniable that websites are an important resource for customers, it’s not always the preferred method for the sales team. It’s also not the easiest to remember when contacting a business.

Consumers have a 57.6% Average Higher Recall Rate of Vanity 800 Numbers over URLs: Respondents find it easier to recall a vanity 800 number over a URL after listening to ads featuring both response tools.  – Source: InfoSurv Consumer Survey

Most recently, social media is playing a large role in the communication channels between companies and their customers. As with a website, this is not always the best way for customers to interact with a company. Tracking a company’s promotions and special events can be done effectively on these social media sites. However, they are not as user-friendly or secure when resolving a customer issue as a live conversation with the customer is.

Consumers prefer live interactions with companies, which demonstrates that it is prudent for businesses to include a phone number in their advertising campaigns. Doing so ensures customer satisfaction, higher customer recall, as well as improved lead generation and quality.

“We use  1-800-NEW-FORD  in our radio and TV ads because it is easy for people to remember. Phone calls are more valuable than online web leads. Having an inbound phone call eliminates a few steps and shortens the sales process.”  – Internet Marketing Manager, Auto Dealer

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