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Qualify and Manage Leads with Consumer Profiles

Moving inbound leads through the pipeline as efficiently as possible is a top priority for sales and marketing teams. And the best way to manage leads is to have easy access to specific data on all prospects. Understanding your audience will first help you track your inbound leads.

Call tracking data is a great tool to use for this first step. This data includes caller demographics, such as callers’ names, addresses, home value, and more. But what if you could obtain even more detailed data?

You can with Consumer Profiles. This feature provides access to more in-depth information on your inbound leads to gain a comprehensive understanding of every new prospect. Once you have this information, you can determine the best way to turn those prospects into customers. Consumer profiles can help manage leads in the following ways:

Qualify & Manage Leads

manage leads with sales funnel

Depending on your industry, some leads may fit certain criteria that give them more sales potential. For instance, a home improvement business may want to know the location of the caller’s residence, as well as whether the caller owns or rents it. Additionally, a financial company would be more interested in the caller’s annual income, or whether or not a caller has children could be important to an auto dealership. Consumer profiles provide the data businesses need to determine the best approach to qualifying leads so that they can convert leads into sales.

Improve Marketing Campaigns

These qualified leads can then help businesses create effective ad campaigns. Call tracking tools are also useful here. With call tracking reports, you can see the peak hours and locations for each incoming call, which provides the best times and placements for your advertising. Consumer profiles can take this a step further by letting you formulate marketing strategies that are practically guaranteed to reach your target audience.

Then you can even see which leads are more likely to respond to specific strategies, such as mailing campaigns. Once you determine which leads are considered “high quality,” you’ll know exactly how best to market your business to high-quality leads.

Ultimately, consumer profiles can both save and make money for your business. Improving your ad campaigns means you won’t invest time and money into strategies that ultimately won’t be effective. And better-qualified leads allow you to make decisions that will improve your bottom line.

Want to learn more? Let us show you how consumer profiles are a simple, effective way to manage leads and get the best results in a quick demo.

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