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Your Startup Should Be Using Vanity Phone Numbers: Here’s Why

A free-market economy offers a wide variety of options when it comes to goods and services. While this is certainly a good thing, it can present a bit of a challenge for businesses that want to stand out from all the competition. This is especially true for startups. And it’s why vanity phone numbers are ideal for businesses just getting started.

Small businesses, particularly ones that are fairly new, need people to take notice of them and what they offer. And they have to do so in a way that really distinguishes them from larger businesses that are more recognizable to people. The most effective way to accomplish this is to use vanity phone numbers in advertising. Vanity phone numbers help small businesses in the following ways:

Vanity Phone Numbers Get More Inbound Leads

Studies show that vanity numbers used in multi-channel advertising can increase inbound lead generation by 25 – 50%. The reason for this is that vanity phone numbers are far easier to remember than numeric phone numbers. People are nine times more likely to recall a vanity 800 number compared to a numeric toll-free phone number. This not only puts a business at the front of people’s minds when they need a particular product or service, but it also provides them with a fast and convenient way to contact the business. A vanity 800 number can help small businesses be truly unforgettable.

Toll-Free Numbers Present A More Professional Image

A huge challenge for small businesses is proving they are just as capable as their larger competitors, if not more so. A vanity phone number can provide an advantage in this regard. People tend to associate vanity and toll-free numbers with professionalism, and businesses that use them are considered well-established and respectable. Vanity numbers create a polished image that gives people more faith in a small business or startup. As a result, startups can get a much-needed boost for both their reputation and the likelihood of prospects reaching out to them.

Vanity Numbers Offer More Choices and Flexibility

Another benefit of vanity phone numbers is the many options they offer to small business owners over standard phone numbers. For instance, if a company offers roof repair and installation services, it has a variety of vanity numbers to choose from, such as NEW-ROOF, ROOF-PRO, FIX-ROOF, and many more. Plus an array toll-free prefixes (800, 888, 866, etc.) means the possibilities are practically endless. Whatever the industry, startups are sure to find a vanity number that easily conveys the goods and services they offer.

These are just some of the ways a vanity 800 number can assist startups and small businesses when used in advertising. And combining them with a call tracking solution to give useful insights into inbound callers makes them even more valuable. If you’re looking for more ways vanity phone numbers can help your startup or business, contact us to learn more about our full solution.

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