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Turn Calls into Sales with Interaction Analytics

Most businesses will tell you that inbound phone leads are the most valuable type of leads. But as important as those calls are, they’re just the first step to success. The conversations your employees have with callers can determine whether they become new customers or take their business elsewhere.

That’s why it’s so important to be aware of how employees handle inbound calls. Call recording is a commonly used tool, but listening to every individual conversation can be time-consuming. Fortunately, with a call monitoring and interaction analytics solution, you can quickly and easily obtain valuable information from each call. Here are just some of the benefits interaction analytics provide:

Improving Employee-Customer Relations

An interaction analytics solution includes tools that scan each phone conversation to detect specific words and phrases. This provides insights into why callers have a negative or positive reaction. And call transcriptions can make the process even more convenient.

You can easily search the call transcriptions across a selection of data, such as a date range or variable agents. You can then use this data for training purposes. Your employees will know exactly what to say to turn each inbound call into a sale.

Gain a Better Understanding of Customer Expectations

Another way interaction analytics can help your business is by identifying patterns and trends in conversations that allow you to achieve in-depth knowledge of what callers really want, and how best to deliver it. For example, you could learn that callers tend to ask for certain services together, so you could then offer a bundle package during your next promo. Listening to the true Voice of the Customer lets you make informed business decisions that will benefit both the customer and the company.

Identify and Resolve Common Customer Pain Points

What your customers say is important, but how they say it is just as important. You can tell a lot from what a person is really saying from the tone of voice, even if they’re not verbally articulating it. A sentiment analysis tool can pick up on changes in a person’s tone, volume, or intonation, indicating their current mood during a conversation. Sentiment analytics gives you a way to see what issues may cause customers stress and help find ways to alleviate those worries.

More inbound calls are great, but it won’t mean much if those calls don’t lead anywhere. With interaction analytics, you can listen to the true Voice of the Customer and gain valuable insights from every inbound phone conversation. Let us help you and your team make data-driven choices to improve customer relations and increase sales. Book a demo of our full solution today!

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