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5 Ways to Use Call Tracking Software to Shape Future Advertising & Marketing Strategies

You’ve invested a large amount of time and money into your advertising campaigns to create the most effective strategies. But you haven’t come up with a way to measure the results. Or maybe the tools you’re using don’t quite “measure” up. Call tracking software is affordable, and easy to use, and it can help you track the campaigns that are bringing in the most leads. This is ultimately the best way to shape future advertising and marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking Software & Sales Goals

When implementing a new marketing campaign, your goals should focus on a specific end result: How much revenue will it bring in? How much will it increase sales? Once you’ve established this target, you can then determine the data needed to measure and evaluate a campaign’s performance.

Measure & Qualify Leads with Call Data

One tool you’ll need to achieve this goal is a call tracking phone number, such as a vanity 800 number. Use different numbers for each campaign to better understand ad response. Look for a toll-free provider with tracking phone numbers that include access to call tracking data reports. This makes it easy to see which metrics are crucial to evaluating campaign success.

Call tracking numbers provide a vast amount of information on all of your inbound calls to help you measure advertising effectiveness and qualify leads. Here are 5 ways to use call tracking and how they can shape future campaigns.

  1. Capture inbound call details: This includes the location of your callers (zip code, area code, city/state, etc.), daily and hourly call summaries (shows when they are most likely to contact you), and which specific marketing campaign inspired them to reach out. You can also track and recapture lost leads through specific campaigns with missed call monitor alerts.
  2. Listen to call recordings: Call transcriptions provide easy access to crucial call data; this helps determine what matters most to consumers.
  3. View consumer profiles: Get in-depth data points on each caller to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your audience.
  4. Leverage automated quality monitoring: CallFinder® speech analytics determines which calls are most important to your company and gain valuable business insights.
  5. Export call tracking data: Customizable call tracking reports provide specific metrics that you can extract to track leads.

Capturing data from call tracking software is just the start of fully understanding your campaigns’ effectiveness. Stay tuned for more ways to make informed decisions on future advertising strategies.

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