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Traditional Advertising: Still Valuable in a Digital Landscape?

Traditional advertising has come under a lot of scrutinies in recent years, with many businesses questioning its value in today’s digital marketing landscape. What marketers are finding is that traditional ads not only continue to have value, but they can also be incredibly effective when used as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. Traditional media options, such as TV, radio, print, and out-of-home, all offer specific benefits.

Here are just a few reasons traditional advertising is still valuable, especially when used alongside digital marketing efforts:

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

While branding is an important part of marketing and advertising, ultimately the goal is to create new business. In a digital world, that means driving more visitors to your company’s website. But they can’t do that if they don’t even know your name. Traditional advertising spots can help introduce you to potential customers and pique their interest. And the more variety in your traditional advertising, the higher your chances of getting people to look you up online. Or notice your web address on a billboard (or a surfboard billboard in some cases).

Optimize Ad Placement

Traditional advertising gives you more control of your ad placement, both physically and temporally, to help you reach more people. For instance, you can choose to run television and radio commercials at times when people are more likely to see/hear them. Running TV ads during prime time, or radio ads during rush hour, are two perfect examples. And today’s out-of-home advertising has far more options than billboards on the side of the road; bus kiosks, subways platforms, shopping centers, and other locations let you place your ad practically anywhere there’s a high chance of visibility.

Better Target Key Demographics

Similar to the advantages of ad placement optimization, traditional advertising is also effective in targeting the right audience. When you know your primary demographics, it becomes easier to utilize traditional advertising to get the best results. Let’s say your demographic is teenagers; you’ll most likely run your TV and radio ads after school or on weekends, or place an ad in a magazine geared towards teens. Targeting the right demographic is part of branding, driving more traffic to your site, and connecting to your ideal demographic.

Utilizing traditional advertising media alongside your digital advertising strategy can boost lead generation. And when you add a call tracking phone number to your marketing, you can further refine your advertising efforts to get even more high-quality leads. When used strategically, traditional advertising definitely still holds its value.

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