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4 Ways Call Tracking Numbers Save Money for Businesses

Call tracking numbers are easy to acquire and ideal for tracking the success of your advertising campaigns. Let’s say you already have some call tracking phone numbers, and you have strategically placed them in your various ads. Great!

Now what? Now you learn how to use them to your advantage. Here are a few simple ways to leverage call tracking numbers to boost sales and save your business money.

1. Reduce PPC Costs with Better Targeting

Call tracking numbers should always come with services that optimize your numbers. For instance, many call tracking vendors will provide you with basic caller details, such as name, address, and average household income (based on the caller’s market area/area code). You can also get more detailed caller demographics like homeownership, marital status, and more with consumer profiles.

You can use the demographic information to focus your digital ad spend on your target audience. You can also build a lead database to target non-digital promotions and hone in on which products or services may sell better in certain areas. Once loaded into your CRM system, you can also create mailing lists for various campaigns.

2. Save Money on Dead-End Calls with Call Times

Caller detail reports will also show you the busiest and slowest call times so that you can staff accordingly. More importantly, call times show you when customers are most likely to answer the phone. Once you know when and where the bulk of call traffic comes from (as far as the number of calls from specific area codes or local phone exchange), you can focus your outreach on the times that bring in more leads.

Streamlining your marketing and sales efforts ultimately provides your sales team with high-quality leads. Removing junk calls from the top of the funnel will save valuable time and resources. And your sales team will thank you!

3. Improve Training & Reduce Attrition with Call Analytics

Most call tracking systems offer call recording and call data. Recorded calls are extremely helpful for analyzing customer interactions to improve sales training. For instance, you may find that outbound calls end near the start of the call. When you dig into the data, you may find that callers tend to hang up during the initial sales pitch. Perhaps your pitch needs some tweaks, or maybe there’s a better icebreaker you can use. This information can help you fine-tune call scripts to address those issues with your reps early on.

Call recording can help you monitor your sales and customer service staff and assess their performance in any category. This helps you improve training programs and give guided direction to those who may need it. Most importantly, better training reduces attrition, which can be extremely costly.

4. Turn Lost Opportunities into Sales with Missed Call Alerts

Call tracking providers usually offer additional call monitoring tools so that you get the most mileage out of all the leads you generate. For example, tools that send alerts when you miss a call can help you turn missed opportunities into sales.

Missed call monitors proactively alert you when a caller has made an attempt to reach your business. Whether the caller reached a busy signal, the phone rang multiple times without being answered, or if the caller hung up after a specified amount of time, you will never miss another opportunity. These alerts – sent to you via email or SMS message – include the caller’s name and phone number so you can call back to recoup any missed opportunities and move leads down the pipeline.

Get the Most Out of Your Call Tracking Numbers

Without a call tracking system in place, you can’t take advantage of any of these benefits. When researching call tracking providers, look for vendors that provide the right tools for your business, along with an adequate amount of data and reports that break down the data for you. One last tip, make sure the tracking reports are easy to access, available with real-time call data, and easy to understand.

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