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Using Call Tracking Metrics to Understand Your Audience

What Are Call Tracking Metrics?

Advertising can be tricky. You want your ads to be clever, intriguing, and original, as well as seen (and responded to) by the right audiences. Many companies invest large amounts of money into outside market research on trends, demographics, and more to get a better sense of how they should present themselves. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated if you know how to use call tracking and call tracking metrics.

The truth is that your best source of marketing data is your incoming calls. Those callers are reaching out to you because of your advertising, so they are the people you want to focus on. And you can obtain invaluable knowledge about them by using a call tracking phone number in your ads. Call tracking metrics provide the data to answer the following questions:

When Should I Advertise?

This is especially important to know if you’re advertising on TV or radio. Your spots will only air at certain times, so you want to be sure they’re the right times. Call tracking lets you see when each prospective customer/client called your business. This also lets you see which advertisement most likely influenced that call. If you notice that most of your calls are coming in at a certain time, then you know that is the best time to air your ads for the best response.

Where Should I Advertise?

Call tracking metrics are also an invaluable tool for figuring out where to advertise. For outdoor advertising, physical placement of the ads is crucial, whether it’s on the side of the road, at a bus station kiosk, or at an airport. Meanwhile, TV, radio, and print media present many marketing options for your company. That’s when unique toll-free tracking numbers come in handy.

Tracking numbers allow you to see exactly which calls came from your advertisements. You can also see where the calls originated from. This provides a better understanding of where your ads should be placed for ideal results.

To Whom Should I Advertise?

This is the most important question. Knowing your demographics is key to your advertising strategies. Call tracking metrics provide valuable data, such as caller’s location, average household income, and even more detailed info like age, education level, and more. This in-depth knowledge gives you the ability to create more appealing advertising for your intended audience. Ultimately, this ensures that your marketing efforts are not wasted.

Armed with all of this data (and more), you have the capacity to generate truly effective marketing strategies. For instance, if your call tracking metrics show that most of your calls came from a tracking phone number used in a TV ad that aired during a show popular with teenagers, you can use that information to market to that particular demographic. Call tracking metrics can empower you to truly know your audience and ensure that your marketing dollars are spent well.

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