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5 Ways Vanity Phone Numbers Bring in New Business During Hard Times

The Value of Vanity Phone Numbers

800response has always promoted the benefits of vanity phone numbers. But it is our comprehensive call tracking and caller analytics solution that helps businesses optimize advertising efforts and provide exceptional customer experiences for every incoming call. We also understand that lead generation has to start somewhere, especially during an economic crisis.

That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to highlight the value of lead-generating vanity phone numbers. To begin, studies show that companies using vanity numbers as part of their marketing strategy see a 25-50% increase in incoming calls. So if your marketing team is looking for ways to boost inbound leads, here are 5 ways toll-free vanity phone numbers can bring in new business.

1. Vanity Phone Numbers Get More Calls

Have you ever heard a jingle from a TV commercial or radio ad, and then couldn’t get it out of your head? Toll-free vanity numbers work the same way. 800-GOT-WINDOWS is much easier to recall than a numerical number, especially when the number is on a billboard ad or the side of a van. A vanity phone number is not only easy to recall (14 times easier than a numeric number), but it also stays with people for both short and long periods of time.

2. Vanity Numbers Promote Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a welcome advantage during times of crisis and declining sales. But for new companies already struggling to keep up with the competition, a well-placed vanity number gets that company in front of new customers.

Additionally, toll-free vanity numbers can easily communicate what products a company offers (ever heard of 800-FLOWERS?). These advantages are particularly beneficial for startups, and small to medium-sized businesses with heavy competition. For any company looking for a solid footing in their industry, toll-free vanity numbers provide brand recognition while bringing in new leads.

3. Custom Branding Sets You Apart from the Competition

As stated before, a toll-free vanity number can put a business in front of its target audience. This also means consumers are more likely to call the business with a catchy vanity number over other brands. New or small businesses with local competition can also purchase local tracking numbers to route, track, and analyze every incoming call. Combined with a call tracking solution, an easy-to-recall vanity number provides a competitive edge, for any budget or marketing strategy.

4. Improve Ad Campaigns with Call Tracking

From generating leads to managing campaign performance, vanity numbers help establish a lead-tracking process. A toll-free vanity number with call tracking can also help advertisers understand which campaigns are bringing in the most leads. And they can use that information to determine which ads bring in quality leads, ensuring that they are spending their advertising budget in the right places.

5. Toll-Free Vanity Numbers are Practical

Advertising with vanity phone numbers is an easy way to get ahead of the competition and promote your brand. But are they practical? The short answer is yes. Not only are there literally thousands of vanity phone numbers available; but it’s also easy to find the perfect vanity number for your business. However, not all are affordable. And some include hidden fees or don’t come with other important services, such as call recording.

Many companies value phone leads over web leads, and a strong lead generation tool that will increase those phone leads is invaluable. Once thought to only be available to larger companies, toll-free vanity numbers are now being used by businesses of all sizes in all industries. 800response has the largest number of shared-use vanity phone numbers on the market.

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