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How to Track Successful Ad Campaigns with Call Tracking Reports

Trying to pinpoint exactly what makes an advertising campaign successful can sometimes feel like throwing a dart at a dartboard. Blindfolded. After being spun around ten times. If you get lucky enough to hit a bullseye, it feels less like skill and more like, well, luck.

A lot of time and money go into your ad campaigns. So you want to be sure they will produce the desired results. That’s just one of the many benefits of call tracking reports.

Automated Call Tracking Reports

Call tracking reports give you the information you need to formulate effective ad strategies. By adding unique local or toll-free tracking phone numbers to all of your campaigns, you get valuable data on multiple call tracking metrics. This provides you with a complete overview of your call volume.

Get Call Tracking Metrics such as:

Campaign and Media Performance: Discover which campaigns brought in the most calls, as well as which type of media used was the most effective.

Call Duration: See how long each incoming call lasted to better determine which ones were interested prospects and which ones were most likely junk (wrong number, prank calls, etc.).

Timing of Calls: Learn when your company receives the most calls with both daily and hourly summary reports.

Source of Calls: Find out which demographics are most likely to call you using reports on data such as the county, city, zip code, area code, and even callers’ specific addresses.

Types of Callers: Know which callers are first-time, repeat, or unique callers to get a better sense of how each campaign inspired them to reach out to you.

Get the Full Package

These are just some of the call tracking metrics you can use from our easy-to-understand reports. Each report is valuable on its own, but when used together they can be incredibly powerful.

For instance, you can use the media performance report to see which TV ads were the most successful. Then use the call duration and call timing reports to see when the most substantial phone conversations took place. And use call source reports to see where those calls were coming from. So when you create your next TV ad campaign, you can be more confident in knowing it’s airing at the right time and to the right people.

Even vanity numbers come with the numerous benefits of our call tracking reports. If you’re tired of missing the mark with your advertising, contact us for a custom quote today!

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