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Reducing Stress in Small Business Processes

Whether you’re a solopreneur or your small business has several employees, you probably wear many hats. You market your business, resolve conflict, build relationships with clients and prospects, interact with vendors, and make schedules. Oh, yeah! You have to sell your goods or services, too.

Even if you have help running your business, being an entrepreneur can be stressful. It also puts significant demands on your limited time. Luckily, there are a few things you can do if you’re interested in reducing stress in your small business processes.

Small Business Process Hacks

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the stress in your small business processes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of helpful small business process hacks you can use to reduce stress in your work processes:

  • Track Your Time: Wasted time causes a significant amount of stress for small business owners and managers. You need to make the most of every moment, especially when you’re just starting out. To eliminate this stressor, you need to identify the things that consume too much of your time. Use a time-tracking app like Toggl to track your time, so you can see what you really do all day. Identify the things that take too long, as well as those that are a complete waste of time. Then remove them from your daily routine.
  • Look for Patterns: As you review how you spend your time, look for patterns in your daily routine. Are there things you can change to increase your efficiency or improve your performance? Does your productivity drop every day around 3 p.m., for example? If so, schedule a brisk walk outside at that time of day, so you’ll return feeling refreshed. Does a vendor continuously send you emails about new products or services? Instead of looking at them as you receive them, look at all of them at the end of the day to save time.
  • Cut Down on Meetings: While meeting with your partner or staff is essential, the time you spend in front of them is time you’re not spending on growing your business. If you’re having meetings too often or they’re too long, you need to make some changes. To reduce the number of meetings you’re having, cover more information per session. To cut back on the length of your meetings, create an agenda and stick to it to avoid getting off-topic and extending a conference unnecessarily.
  • Adjust Your Social Media Marketing: Many small businesses use social media to market their goods or services because it’s easy and free. Effective social media marketing can take up a lot of time, however, which can cause stress. To save time on social media marketing, schedule all your social media posts at the beginning of the week instead of sharing individual posts daily. If social media marketing is still consuming too much of your time, consider outsourcing this responsibility to a digital marketing agency.

Implement A Call Monitoring Solution

Missed calls equal missed opportunities. If you lose too many calls, your business may struggle to survive. You can prevent this from happening and avoid a lot of stress with call monitoring. We help businesses like yours generate more inbound leads, retain more customers, and increase sales. Get in touch with us to learn more about the advantages of call monitoring and missed call alerts.

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