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The Future of Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

As a business owner, have you ever contemplated the historical path of toll-free numbers?  Probably not, who would – it’s a marketing and business tool that has been around since the 1960’s, and one that we all take for granted at this point in the evolution of business.

But, without toll-free numbers, where would we be?

We wouldn’t have call centers and contact centers.  We wouldn’t have amazing customer service stories the likes of what we hear from Amazon or Zappos.  Those success stories would be hard to replicate over Twitter or Facebook, business tools that are inherently impersonal since the entire interaction is with a computer, not a person.

A personal connection and conversation is what makes truly amazing customer service stories stand out.

Over the four and a half decades since toll-free numbers were introduced, they provided business with three things:

1. Free call for their customers.
2. Instant connection and for relationship building with customers, and an opportunity to make a sale.
3. Memorable advertising tools to help make a business stand out from the crowd.

Along with toll-free numbers came VANITY toll-free numbers.  Those easy-to-remember, hard to forget, phone numbers that we can all dial in an instant to access a business, fix a customer service issue, and spend our money!

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