When Should You Use a Vanity 800 Number, a Numeric Toll-free, etc.?

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, we wanted to share when it is best to use which type of phone number, as they all have their strengths.

Something to consider, when choosing which type of phone number to use in advertising strategies, is what type of media is being used in the campaign; radio, television, outdoor, print, or digital.

For broadcast media, like radio advertising, and for outdoor media like highway billboards, both of which are fleeting and “in the moment,” it is important to use a phone number that will be easy to remember at a later date, and which does not need to be written down.  This is where a vanity 800 number will work best.

However, in print media such as magazine ads, or in digital media like online banner ads, using a numeric toll-free number is more acceptable and effective since the reader has the ability to tear out, print out, or write down the phone number they need.

Read some research studies that show which phone number is best and most often recalled in radio, television, outdoor and even print media.  Contact us to learn more about the benefits of advertising with a vanity 800 number.