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Best Ways to Utilize Your Vanity Number in Your Advertisements

If you don’t already have a vanity number for your business, you might be unfamiliar with the benefits they provide. Catchy 800 numbers give companies the chance to tell consumers something about their business while simultaneously giving shoppers an easy way to contact the organization. An effective vanity number will condition people to immediately associate your phone number with your business over time and tell them how your products or services will benefit them.

In other words, a vanity number will tell consumers why they should call you.

Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers

In addition to conveying something meaningful about your company to consumers, catchy 800 numbers can also provide the following benefits:

  • Increased ROI on advertising dollars
  • Improved brand image
  • Added credibility
  • Increased number of inbound calls and referrals
  • Increased sales
  • Greater efficiency
  • State-of-the-art calling features and analytics
  • Greater recall rate

How to Use an 800 Number in Advertisements

While you may be eager to start enjoying the many benefits that come with using a custom 800 number, it is crucial you know how to use an 800 number in your advertisements. Here are some tips, based on the specific platform:

  • Radio: Creative Broadcast Concepts studied the effectiveness of radio ads that had vanity numbers compared to those that included conventional phone numbers. It found ads that incorporated vanity numbers generated 58% more calls than those that had traditional numbers.

If you’re going to use your vanity number in your radio spots, consider creating a jingle for your custom 800 number and tagline to make your phone number even more memorable. Think of Stanley Steamer’s ads as an example. The carpet cleaning company’s jingle relays the phone number and reaffirms what the business does in a single line that makes the information unforgettable.

  • Television: Once you create a jingle for your radio ads, there’s no reason not to use the same short tune in your television commercials. Unlike radio ads, television commercials give you the chance to prominently display your vanity phone number in addition to verbally communicating it. Consider having your custom 800 number displayed at the bottom of the screen during your television advertisements.
  • Outdoor Advertisements: Advertising outside can also be an effective way to generate inbound calls for your business. If you have company vehicles, make sure your vanity number is displayed on each of them in a format and font that’s easy to read.

You can also use billboards to advertise your business. As you’re designing your billboard ads, remember people passing by will only have seconds to take something away from your ad. Since you want them to remember your number, avoid crowding your ad with distracting visuals or unnecessary words. Make sure your vanity number stands out by using a large, bold print that’s easy for people to recognize quickly.

  • Print Advertisements: In addition to the media mentioned above, you should also use your vanity number in your print advertisements — even including your business cards and letterhead. The key is to make sure your custom 800 number is easy to find in any printed material where you use it.

For more ideas about how to use an 800 number to advertise your business, contact 800response online or call us at 1-800-NEW-SALE today!

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