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The Powerful Effects of Radio Advertising

Why You Should Consider Radio Advertising

Despite the fast-paced quality of the digital age, people are finding more time in their day to listen to the radio than ever before. A Nielsen study shows that 93% of adults listen to AM/FM radio on a weekly basis, a higher number than adults who watch television [1]. The unique characteristics of radio compared to other advertising mediums give it distinct advantages when it comes to marketing strategies. Advantages such as these:

Superior Reach

Radio’s reach capabilities are a huge benefit, mainly due to its flexibility. Unlike watching television, where people have to be in a specific place at a specific time to see the commercial, radio is able to reach people virtually wherever they are, at whatever time. Whether they’re listening in the car, at work, in the gym, or at home, people can be affected by the radio and its advertising, especially when it comes to making purchasing decisions. 

For instance, outside the home, and in the car are two significant locations where people are listening to the radio, meaning they are in prime positions to purchase something when they hear an ad. Someone might be driving home from work, wondering what to have for dinner, when they hear an ad for a local pizza place. Someone else might be out shopping for an anniversary gift when they hear a radio ad for a jewelry store. And since many radio stations provide listener statistics with demographic breakdowns, advertisers can schedule their spots to appeal to the right demographics at specific times with precision and effectiveness.

Greater Impact

Radio has a tendency to affect people on a larger scale, for various reasons. People in metro areas with long commutes can spend up to 2-3 hours per day in their cars [2].  Listening to the radio is a welcome distraction from tedium, and they are therefore more receptive to advertisements. Also, the comparative inexpensiveness of producing radio ads helps contribute to a higher airing frequency. Most radio ads run over at least a month, which means people are more likely to hear them multiple times and are thus more likely to remember them.

Finally, radio ads on local stations are extremely effective, as people tend to feel a strong affinity with these stations and their personalities, as they tend to view them as connections with their hometowns. These qualities not only help make people be more open to radio ads but also help guarantee the advertisements will stay with them after the fact.  And when radio ads include a powerful call to action such as an unforgettable vanity number, it strengthens the impact even more.

With such positive traits, it’s no wonder that radio has a far greater Return on Ad Spend than other mediums. Radio really helps businesses understand their audiences and how best to reach them. It’s a tried and true advertising method that continues to produce real results.

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