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Auto Dealer Gets 25% More Calls – Believes a Vanity 800 Number is a “Must-Have” in Advertising

Client: General Manager – Midwest Auto dealership with a wide range of new and preowned cars.

Background: Competition in the automotive market is strong. Dealers are coming back from the downturn with aggressive advertising campaigns to stay ahead of their rivals.

Challenge: Create a strong brand for the dealership.

Solution: Use one vanity 800 number to identify all of the brands that the dealership sells.

Results: According to the General Manager of the dealership, “If a dealer is looking to create a brand and an image, they need to use a vanity number.”

The GM has been with the dealership for 12 years. He started using 1-800-NEW-CARS in 2007, and believes the number creates a more identifiable brand to compete with other auto dealers in his market.

After the dealership started using 1-800-NEW-CARS to build awareness, and placed it in all of their advertising campaigns and promotional materials, they experienced a 25% increase in calls.

The GM explains, “When we activated the vanity 800 number, we knew we wanted the right number to brand the dealership. 1-800-NEW-CARS does that. We sell three brands, as well as preowned vehicles, so we needed a number that would work for us across the board.”

The dealership uses the vanity 800 number in their jingle, which plays at the beginning and ending of all of their radio and television ads, and plays as their on-hold music. “We use 1-800-NEW-CARS in all of our advertising; radio, TV, newspaper, and we have wrapped a Jeep® that displays the number,” he says.

According to the GM, a vanity 800 number adds tremendous value. “I highly recommend using a vanity number to any dealership that is looking to build their brand and their image. I consider it a must-have.”

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