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Auto Financier Receives 450 Qualified Leads Each Month With Custom 800 Number in Ad Campaigns

Client: Automobile Financier – FL

In 2008, the auto financier opened a consumer lending division that specializes in title pawn rescue. The new division is growing rapidly.

Background: An automotive financing company offers indirect lending programs at franchise and independent automobile dealers in the Southeast. Interested car buyers must apply for credit approval either over the phone or on the company’s website.

Challenge: The company was launching a new advertising campaign with television, billboards, and vehicle wraps.

Solution: A fellow automotive retailer recommended that the company activate a memorable vanity 800 number for their new campaign. As they started researching available toll-free numbers, they recognized the importance of selecting an unforgettable number that would enhance their brand and drive more incoming calls.

Results: The company uses their vanity 800 number as the storefront of their business. When they started looking for the best toll-free number for the new division, the marketing director knew it had to align with their brand, be easy for consumers to remember, and he insisted on getting a number with the original 800 toll-free prefix.

He says, “We really wanted a vanity toll-free number that had the 800 prefix because it is easier for consumers to remember, and the 800 prefix lends more credibility to our business over another prefix, like 866 or 877.”

Since activating 1-800-NEW-DEAL the marketing director shares, “We had no idea we would get this kind of response when we launched the new campaign. Each month our call volume and the number of legitimate leads we receive from 1-800-NEW-DEAL are going in the right direction.”

He attributes part of the company’s newfound success to their advertising campaigns that feature 1-800-NEW-DEAL, and their Web address. According to the marketing director, “Every month, we receive hundreds of qualified leads through the phone number. We also get qualified leads coming into our Web site every month, which is also highlighted in our ads.”

On average, the auto financier gets about 450 incoming leads into the vanity 800 number. That amounts to approximately eight times more qualified leads coming into the phone number versus the Web site.

“Our auto credit business is thriving during the current economic conditions,” he says. Due to their success, the company has plans to expand their business in the near future.

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