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Dealerships Continue to Increase Leads and Sales Using Toll-free Custom 800 Number in TV Ads

Client: Marketing & Sales Manager for five locations on the East Coast.

Background: A dealer group provides high-risk credit to consumers looking for auto loans. Now that the need for auto financing is rising, this group of dealerships is benefitting from a strong advertising campaign featuring a
toll-free vanity 800 number as the response tool.

Challenge: Sustain a successful lead generation program during a reduced-credit environment.

Solution: Persevere with a television advertising campaign that features 1-800-NEXT-CAR as the response tool. Continue to build on the dealerships’ history using the toll-free vanity number to improve brand recognition in each of their markets.

Results: The Marketing & Sales Manager for five dealer locations has been using the vanity 800 number in advertising campaigns for years.

“1-800-NEXT-CAR is synonymous with our locations. The vanity number is a main contributing factor to the strength of our name recognition in our markets.”

Calls coming in to the dealerships are increasing now that there are more people seeking credit. “By sustaining a steady ad campaign over the years with our vanity 800 number, people are remembering the phone number and contacting us to complete credit applications,” says the Marketing & Sales Manager.

He explains that even though the auto market is down right now, the need for credit is rising among all demographics, “Our dealerships and financing departments are doing well. We are 6% up over the previous year, and our business is up 12% in the first two months of the year over January and February of last year.”

Although a portion of that success is due to the need for credit, the Marketing & Sales Manager also believes it is because he is committed to running an advertising campaign with 1-800-NEXT-CAR as the branding and response tool, maintaining consistent exposure in their markets. He says, “The vanity 800 number and our advertising campaigns are part and parcel to our success.”

The Marketing & Sales Manager shares his theory on advertising during an economic slow-down, “I really believe that advertising in this down-market is a core factor in our current success. I wonder where we would be if we had cut our advertising initiatives, and if we didn’t have the vanity 800 number.”

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