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Vanity 800 Number Increases Calls by 60% and Saves Auto Dealership $14,000

Client: General Manager – North East TX

Background: Dealership was using a numeric toll free number in their advertising. Incoming call volume was low and not enough leads were being generated.

Challenge: Improve response from current radio and newspaper advertising.

Solution: Switch to an easy-to-remember vanity 800 number, 1-800-411-FORD, to increase advertising response rates while saving money.

Results: “I am so pleased with the results I’ve seen with 1-800-411-FORD. Our vanity number has far exceeded the goals we set for savings and increased incoming calls,” the General Manager of the dealership. After activating the 1-800-411-FORD vanity number, the dealership saw call volume increase by 60% in just four months. And, by switching from their previous toll-free provider to 800response, the dealership saved approximately $14,000 per year. “Once we switched to 1-800-411-FORD we saved the dealership $14,000. That’s a lot of money for an auto dealership and it was nice to have that money to put back into our advertising.”

The dealership had been using a numeric toll free number in their advertising efforts for one year, but did not receive as many calls as they had hoped. “We had been using a toll-free number, but it was not a vanity. People could not remember our phone number when it was mentioned in radio ads, and we were not getting the number of phone calls we expected,” says the GM.

The dealership uses 1-800-411-FORD in all of the their advertising, including radio, newspaper ads in both the Texas and Oklahoma markets. The GM personally drives through three surrounding counties to get to the dealership each morning and evening and has the vanity number on his demo vehicle as a form of outdoor advertising.

The General Manager recently shared the vanity 800 number experience with his Auto Dealer 20 Group. By saving the dealership so much money, and presenting the savings opportunity to fellow dealers, he received an award for the “Best Idea.”

Ford is a trademark of Ford Motor Company. There is no relationship between 800response or any of its affiliates and the aforementioned company.

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