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Window Dealer Excited About 100% Increase in Sales After Advertising with a Custom 800 Number!

Client: General Manager – DC

Background: A window replacement company was installing 800 windows on a monthly basis. As a result of new advertising efforts they are now installing approximately 2,000 windows per month.

Challenge: Increase number of window installations over previous year.

Strategy: Advertise with TV, direct mail and newspaper – feature a memorable phone number.

Results: Since featuring a vanity 800 number in their ads, the window installation franchise is set to be the #5 store out of 150 total company locations – up from #36. “The 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW number has made a huge difference in our business – doubling our monthly installations and catapulting us into the top ten performing locations,” says the General Manager.

He is happy he had the foresight to secure the Custom 800 number in his market. “Our vanity number sets us apart from our competitors. When we answer the phone callers ask ‘Are you the 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW people?’ The number is now associated with our brand. We use it in all of our advertising, and it’s reassuring to know that people easily remember how to get in touch with us to make an appointment.”

Before activating the number all of his staff, except for one receptionist, would take lunch at the same time. Calls were flooding in during this peak time and dozens were being missed – meaning missed sales opportunities. After consulting the tracking reports the GM adjusted his staffing plans and now they are sure to have plenty of employees on hand to answer the phones and schedule appointments.

“The tracking reports are incredible,” he says. “Now that we know our peak times are during the lunch hours we are fully staffed to cover our busiest time of day. As a result of the staffing changes we are taking more calls and scheduling more appointments.”

This knowledge and analytical data has helped the GM realign his marketing mix, as well as his staffing schedules. And, this powerful information has enabled him to double his business – and that is exciting!

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