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Checkered Flags Fly for Auto Lending Service Using Custom 800 Number in TV Infomercial

Client: CEO & Advertising Agency, President • Southern, CA

Background: Lead aggregator of auto and home loans uses the latest technology to maximize lead generation for maximum profitability.

Challenge: Generate response and keep costs below $100 per call during the ad campaign.

Solution: Highlight the phone number 1-800-NEW-LOAN in a thirty minute infomercial to produce response and process loan applications. Repeat in multiple markets nationwide.

Results: “There are thousands of commercials running in every market and most of them sound the same, says the President of the advertising agency. “We knew it would be important to differentiate our client in order to escape the existing ad clutter and outshine the competition.”

The lead aggregator, their advertising agency, and their production company established a cost per call expectation to come from the infomercial. According to the advertising agency, the company owners are “shocked and thrilled” with the results; the combination of the direct response tool, 1-800-NEW-LOAN and the infomercial format generated five incoming calls every minute during the half hour spot.

The lead quality was just as impressive as the quantity: of every 100 calls, the company processed 65 applications. And, of every 65 applications, ten resulted in approved loans (and “sales”) for the lead aggregator.

Together, the client and the advertising agency surpassed their initial budget expectations, with each call costing them well below the market average cost loan leads. The campaign results enabled them to maximize their investment and come out ahead.

The President of the agency explains, “I have always believed in the power of vanity 800 numbers. After running the infomercial in Tampa my point is proven again. The vanity 800 number is outstanding at getting into peoples’ minds and sticking.

I encourage any business who is actively advertising to use a vanity 800 number. They’ll get more response and maximize their media budgets,” he concludes. “I am a huge fan.”

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