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Career School Surpasses Their Business Goals by 200% After Activating a Toll-free Custom 800 Number

Client: Director of Admissions & Marketing – Texas

Background: A barbering/cosmetology school with three campuses in Texas enrolls approximately 100 new students each month.

Challenge: The school’s goal was to increase leads and enrollment by 10%. They also wanted a sure-fire way to track the response rates to their advertising campaigns.

Solution: Activate multiple vanity 800 numbers that people could easily recall in order to increase call volumes and track television and radio campaigns, and all other advertising initiatives:

– 800-NEW-CAREER for television campaigns

– 866-NEW-CAREER for radio campaigns

– 888-NEW-CAREER for their Web site, and all other marketing materials

Results: Since activating the vanity phone numbers, the barber colleges and hairstyling schools saw a 23% growth in the first year. According to the Director of Marketing and Admissions, “The results have been phenomenal. We’ve surpassed the goals we set for ourselves by 200% once we made the move to using multiple vanity numbers and a call center.”

To monitor the response to each ad campaign, the Director of Marketing consults the call tracking reports. “I can easily access all of our call data online. Detailed tracking reports tell me what city people are calling from, and I can monitor our unique callers. Now I have a way to accurately report on which media buys are generating the most traffic, and can adjust our advertising campaigns based on hard data.”

Before the marketing department had access to call tracking data they could not quantify how many calls the school was missing. According to the Director of Marketing, having access to a report of missed calls is a “huge tool.”

“Activating the Missed Call Monitor alerts tool has brought us many more leads and opportunities. When I receive an alert in the event of a missed call, I send it to the appropriate campus location and our admissions reps are able to jump on it immediately and call that person back.”

He also shared that his advertising efforts with the vanity 800 numbers are really paying off. “In this economy, more and more people are thinking about a new career and making changes to become their own boss. Our advertising is reaching more of those people, drawing in more leads, and our enrollment levels are increasing every month.”

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