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Career College Increases Leads By 70% And Improves Call Tracking With Custom 800 Number

Client: Director • Northwestern GA

Background: Technical training college receives 350-450 calls per month on average. They needed a reliable tracking system in place to verify which ads were generating the most leads.

Challenge: Increase incoming calls, and improve ability to track the calls and attribute them to various advertising placements.

Solution: Activate a Custom 800 number to display in advertisements and track media outlets.

Results: The Director of the training college was looking for a memorable vanity 800 phone number to use as the direct-response tool in his advertising. He contacted the big phone companies and found that he would not be able to get a Customized 800 number through them. He then discovered 800response and activated 1-800-NEW-JOBS.

“The benefits of using a vanity 800 number with tracking and recording are huge. We were receiving between 350 and 450 calls per month. After activating the vanity 800 number that increased about 70%, to 600 to 700 calls per month. We now know that we are getting the maximum potential out of every ad dollar spent with the tracking reports. And, we are able to train and run our admissions department more effectively utilizing the recorded calls as training tools,” says the college’s Director.

“The tracking reports have made the most impact on our business,” he says. “We were approached multiple times by a local magazine to purchase ad space, but did not feel it would be the right outlet for us.” The magazine finally convinced him with free ad space to test the magazine response rates. “To great surprise, this advertising outlet has proved to generate the highest return for our ad dollars. We would never have known this without consulting the tracking reports that are part of the service with 800response.”

Using the tracking reports, the Director implemented a cross-checking procedure to authenticate which ads were generating which leads. He hired a Lead Manager to monitor the tracking reports daily and reconcile the source of incoming calls against customer responses. This gave great insights into the media outlets that were producing the greatest response compared to the advertising dollars they spent.

“We advertise on three TV networks. By consulting the tracking reports on a day-to-day basis we are able to narrow a TV buy down to the exact time and TV show that performs best for us,” says the Director. He goes on to say, “If you are not using a Custom 800 number in your advertising, you are not maximizing the potential of your advertising budget.”

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