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Business College Increases Leads And Improves Response Times By Using A Vanity 800 Number In Ads

Client: Executive Director, Southern PA

Background: At the advice of their outdoor advertising representative, the college activated a vanity 800 number and placed it on their billboards. The admissions department saw an immediate increase in calls and a dramatic reduction in response time – people were calling sooner, and the application cycle was shortening.

Challenge: Communicate the look of a big school and reinforce the business college as a credible institution.

Solution: Use a vanity 800 number to convey stability and streamline incoming calls for both campus locations through one easy-to-remember phone number.

Results: The Executive Director of the business college says, “I could not be happier with the response we get from our advertising. Using the vanity 800 number is an inexpensive way to increase the number of applications we process. I thank our outdoor ad rep every day for recommending we use 1-800-NEW-CAREER on our billboards. I would not give it up for anything.”

Although the business college has been in operation for 115 years, the ED explains, “Since activating the vanity 800 number we have had the best two years in history. More applications are coming in as a result of our advertising, and I attribute that directly to the vanity 800 number.”

The school’s ad campaign featuring 1-800-NEW-CAREER appeals to people looking to enter or re-enter the workforce, advance their careers, and those looking for a career change. According to the Executive Director, the vanity number is a perfect tie-in for the business school. “With the branding help from the vanity number, I truly believe we are sending the message that our business college is a credible and stable organization that provides a terrific education for career advancement.”

Having the ability to advertise with one phone number for both of the school’s locations has also improved the admissions process, according to him. “The vanity 800 number allows us to brand both campuses under one identity, monitor the calls and direct them to the appropriate location.”

Since the application process begins with an incoming phone call, the increased response to 1-800-NEW-CAREER has this business college on track to provide higher education for another 100 years.

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