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CallFinder Speech Analytics Drives Training & Improves Client Experience

Client Profile

The Confirmation Manager, who oversees the company’s call center, coordinates agent schedules and measures agent performance against the company’s goals. The business has 30 agents who field over 3,000 inbound calls each month. Prior to implementing a speech analytics solution, there was one employee who manually monitored agents’ calls for one hour each day.

Background / Challenge:

The Walk-In Tubs company began using CallFinder’s recording and analytics technology to address specific challenges related to key management initiatives – to identify training opportunities, measure the customer experience, and track specifics of what callers inquire about. The company’s volume of calls was far too high to achieve listening to every call in its entirety, and before activating CallFinder, one employee was responsible for monitoring agents’ calls by listening in sporadically throughout the day, noting scenarios, alerting management, who then reacted by addressing the instances with their agents. The tubs company saw CallFinder as an opportunity to collect, extract, and analyze the vast data contained within the thousands of calls not monitored through this manual process.

Key Objectives:

1. Improve Script Compliance & Workforce Training Programs:
– Monitor agents’ use of Safe Step’s mandated script, as well as adherence to recent script changes.
– Identify instances of non-compliance, or where no appointment is set, to retrain agents who are not following the new script.

2. Gain Business Intelligence & Improve the Client Experience
– Categorize calls by inquiry type, and collect statistics on the frequency of client inquiries about insurance programs and benefits, including Veterans Affairs, Medicare, and Medicaid.
– Identify pricing inquiries and agent responses.


The company created 22 CallFinder searches monitor multiple points in the script, and track specific program inquiries.

Improved Script Compliance and Workforce Training –

Once activated, CallFinder automatically scanned all call recordings, not just a sample, in real-time for specified phrases, allowing the management team to proactively identify and address agents’ calls which go off-script, categorized by agent.

Having this data enables the Confirmation Manager, to identify and address off-script calls with his agents to help improve their performance, as well as his training programs for other agents.

According to him, “As an example, with CallFinder, we discovered certain pricing terminology was being used by agents which was not in line with what we wanted them to say. CallFinder helped us identify and address the issue, redirecting agents to the preferred language, which improved the conversations with our clients. Before having CallFinder in place, we were not capturing the true frequency of the issue, and as a result were not addressing the agents’ non-compliance.”

The Confirmation Manager monitors multiple points within the script with CallFinder. “We are in the process of trying to move agents away from mentioning to clients that we place a confirmation call the day prior their scheduled appointment. We’ve been able to identify that typically it was the agents who have been here for a while still using that method, and have been able to redirect them to the new version of the script that does not include mentioning the confirmation call.”

The company is currently rewriting the closing portion of their script, and plan to use CallFinder searches to identify the agents who do not transition to the new version. According to the client, “Most of the training on the new script will be based on what we are able to extract from CallFinder.”

By recording calls and processing them through the speech analytics solution, the walk-in tubs company is able to make sure that their agents are closing out the script the way management wants them to.

According to the customer, “With CallFinder, I can proactively tune in to exactly what I’m looking for.”

Improved Client Experience and More Robust Business Intelligence –

A second initiative that the client spear-heads uses CallFinder to identify and categorize calls based on inquiry type. Specifically, he is looking to extract quantifiable data on the frequency of calls that the company receives from people asking about VA benefits, as well as information on Medicaid and Medicare qualifying products.

Using CallFinder to track these inquiries, the client will be able to uncover trends, as well as data to add to the target client profile. This knowledge will help the Confirmation Manager and his agents address these calls more accurately, and ultimately improve the client experience.

The CallFinder Experience –

The Confirmation Manager, who oversees the contact center, along with the company’s VP of Marketing, worked closely with a CallFinder specialist to identify the phrases they wanted to search for, build the searches, and then analyze the data. According to the customer, “Our experience with CallFinder was fantastic. The specialist helped us every step along the way with creating searches. During the initial set-up and orientation period, we gave her a lot of information to digest, and she quickly gained an in-depth understanding of what our objectives for CallFinder were, and she delivered on time. And, after completing the training phase of using the CallFinder interface, I am comfortable building searches on my own.”

Future Expectations for CallFinder –

The company plans to continue building searches in CallFinder to monitor for training opportunities, new product launches, and additional ways to gain intelligence on the market. According to the Confirmation Manager, “We view CallFinder an additional money-making tool. The knowledge we gain from analyzing our calls is helping to make us better at what we do – improving people’s lives.”

The company’s marketing and compliance team expects CallFinder will continue to help them narrow the gap on script compliance, improve the customer experience, and ultimately add revenue to the bottom line.

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